I’m posting a video at the end of this post to show some of why I am proud to be accepted into the 1st Phorm Legionnaire Program.
I love what the company itself stands for! I cannot put into words how important that is to me in a world today that’s so full of negativity and scams. 1st Phorm is selective when it comes to who can represent them. They are not interested in just anybody famous, they want quality.

I was completely caught off guard receiving an e-mail saying I was accepted. I explained in my application that I’m a beat-up vet with PTSD running a blog about PTSD to attempt to help others out there with my experience. I also explained that I feel now that I needed to add physical health to the mental health and I want to also add improving my spiritual health as well.

I am not an in-shape guy. I want to be in shape. I want others to see that taking care of yourself physically will help tremendously with the mental health. As all of you know, I do not put resources or things on my site without reading them or trying them first. That’s why I chose 1st Phorm. They do not want you posting crap annoyingly. They want people who are genuinely trying to help the community. They want people who talk about the things that they use themselves.

I have my phone interview tomorrow, and am pumped to hear more about and from this company.

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