#PTSDDaddy Wednesday 7 June Radio Show


7 June Radio Show, I have been invited back by Keith to have my own show on his Blog Talk Radio! show this Wednesday. I am excited to start this endeavor! I have been quite anti-social lately but feel that this is a fantastic opportunity to discuss PTSD topics live.  This being the first show the topics will revolve a bit around more detail of who I am and why I am talking. I will then discuss a bit of the beginnings of this journey. Topics include issues that came with figuring out I had PTSD also my own issues with admitting it and starting treatment.

Why start there?

I figure it best to start at the beginning on the 7 June radio show because the best place for anything to start is at the beginning. This will also leave a good reference point for anyone joining the show later on in life. Giving all a beginning to refer to. I want to invite anyone and everyone to leave a post in the comments if there are any topics in particular they wish I would cover. I will be happy to include a section on any PTSD topics that are requested. The entire reason I said “ok” to doing this show was specifically to get information and experience out to those like me who are “too tough to have PTSD.”

My Mission

My mission is simple get this information out to people so they can see that there is a better life. I am a former Green Beret with PTSD some think we cannot get PTSD. I initially thought I could not get PTSD but I was wrong. Many of us are wrong when it comes to who can get PTSD and what PTSD is. Many do not know how to take initial steps to fix PTSD. I refer to PTSD as a “life sentence.” Just because it’s a lifelong gift, does not mean you cannot have a friggin awesome life! Amari, on the last show I did with him, made some great points one in particular is the fact that “surviving is not living.” You can fight PTSD, and you can live!

Join me this Wednesay on the 7 June Radio Show! And remember to leave comments below on any information or questions you have. Even if I run out of time on the show I will get you answers and my experience!

7 June Radio Show

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