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    Triggers are so much more than just an event or an annoying person that set you off. Triggers can be related to many many things. Our 5 senses can all bring input to us that lead to triggering our PTSD. Sight, Smell, Taste, Touch, or Sound are all possible triggers.
    Each of us have different triggers. None of our events that cause PTSD were the same, therefore none of our triggers are the same. The traumatic event may happen and somehow you smell hot dogs during this even. The smell of hot dogs itself isn’t a big deal. Perhaps we don’t even realize we were smelling hot dogs during this event.
    Now in life, every time we smell a hot dog shit goes to hell in a hand basket. Again we may not even realize that we are smelling hot dogs presently. It’s just the situation around us there’s that scent that triggers the brain.
    What is some of your triggers?

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