Journey to Authorness

Journey to Authorness

David J. Brock

The journey to authorness and helping my brothers is not an easy path. I have fought being an author and authoring a book was not my goal in life. My father used to push me to write and over time I have realized yet again, he is correct.

I have been dealing with PTSD since 2013, after my father’s funeral, after most of that year went on. The problem is, I have had it for years prior. 2013 is just the year that I was forced to face off with it. The book I am writing covers this topic from my unique experience. I understand that everyone has a unique experience, however with my background I hope that sharing this story can help reach friends of mine who were like me prior to me facing off with PTSD. I’m talking to those who need a non psych point of view. I’m talking to those who don’t need to read of the PTSD from those who don’t know. They are not bad people for not knowing, they are not bad people for having PTSD for extremely different reasons. They must admit themselves though, that like us whom are unable to relate to them, they are unable to relate to us.

I also hope that the stories of my treatment and the descriptions from where I was to where I am will show all folks that the choice to live life is still your choice to make. Too often we lose veterans to these issues, I don’t want to sound like a broken record but the 22 veterans committing suicide is way way way too many. How can we tell these men to live through hell over there, just to come home to a living hell inside? Awareness of what it’s like is my goal, awareness of treatment options is my goal, awareness that anyone can improve their situation is my goal. I have lots of goals with this book, I hope to achieve them all.

I will be honest, even if I reach just one, it’s worth what I’m going through to write this….


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