#PTSDDaddy… PTSD can be managed.

I had a comment today on my Tweet machine that said “PTSD can be managed. All too often the excuse for bad behavior. #changingminds”


Yes… and No

I replied to this comment with “yes and no” I agree because I understand where she was going with this comment. Yes, she is right, PTSD can be managed I manage mine. I also know others who use PTSD as an excuse to be an asshole to everyone. I have found through my experience, these same folks are the ones who do not really have PTSD. The other group I have experience with are still fighting admitting they have PTSD. These men and women have outbursts but do not use the excuse PTSD. They do not use it because they will deny to the death that they have PTSD. These are the folks that really DO have PTSD and need help.

PTSD is fake

Now I felt compelled to take a moment and explain more on my reply because I felt the need to explain why “yes and no depending on the circumstance” is my answer. PTSD can be managed, but prior to knowing I had PTSD I swore up an down that PTSD is a fairy tale made up by those who have never seen combat in order to claim benefits. They say hind sight is 20/20, that is especially true with PTSD. I can see why yesterday was wrong, but have a hard time determining the “in the moment” times.

Trip and Fall

Several years I spend learning methods to anticipate my PTSD and try to handle it differently. Still, I have occasions where I “lose it” which will go in depth on a good example of that moment in my book. There are fantastic example of how even the years of treatment and meds I still fail and fall but PTSD can be managed if you work hard. These moments of failure can be quite depressing. They really bring home the fact that it’s a lifetime sentence. I will always be fighting the PTSD, it will always haunt me, and at times it will be an excuse for why I snap.

Jerks get PTSD too

On the other hand I have seen many who use PTSD as reason to beat their wives, stop working, why they got a speeding ticket, why they got in a bar fight, why they are alcoholics, etc. These people are the ones who give those like me a bad name. Even their PTSD can be managed but these people always take advantage of others and throwing PTSD into the reasoning for everything. They play the “woe is me” card and they have no shame. These folks are the reason for my comment. They give “PTSD” victims the negative reputation and they misrepresent  something very real. These people are a big reason why those with serious issues are not getting the help they need.

PTSD can be managed, if we can get help to those who need it. If we can show those that PTSD is NOT a weakness. It’s a battle scar earned in combat performing the greatest act of love putting others before self.

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