Afghanistan, Kabul, and Taliban are all triggers for me.

This past week has been challenging for me. I have seen bits of the current events going on in Afghanistan and I have been dealing with much more emotions that I realized I had tucked deep within. As much as I hate Afghanistan and the Taliban, I have dedicated a sizeable portion of my life to trying to make shit better over there. Trying to keep terrorists from coming over here. Trying to train those who love Afghanistan as I do the United States of America. Hoping beyond hope they will take the torch and run with it. I now see many people who have not spent a day inside Afghanistan making many comments about it. I see people who have never fought for anything making lots of opinionated statements. This lack of experience in today’s Afghanistan reminds me of 2012, when I was taking classes to get a Master’s of Arts in Strategic Security Studies, from National Defense University.

What does school have to do with it?

We had one instructor during this master’s program who was quite young. He is what you call a “professional student”. He went from high school to his bachelors, to his master’s, to his Ph.D. and suddenly he’s an “expert” teaching us. Many times, this douche bag, who’s only read about Afghanistan in books, would tell us (an entire class of combat veterans) what Afghanistan is “like” and tell us we were wrong if we said any different. His justification for us being “wrong” was that there wasn’t a “peer reviewed” paper that said exactly what we were saying.

Now I see these folks online making many statements about Afghanistan and I guarantee there is no “peer reviewed” paper backing any of them up! No, I’m not here to pull the “who’s your source” conversation. I’m arguing differently. My argument is what makes you say that? I can tell by the statements posted, who have been to Afghanistan versus who have never stepped foot in Afghanistan. The people I call out stating they have never been there can only retort with “what’s your point?” My point is this! NOTHING is “like” Afghanistan! You, relating Afghanistan to anything else, are comparing apples to oranges! Shut your fucking mouths. I’m not saying you cannot have an opinion, but what I am saying is stop spouting off stupid shit like “Chicago is dangerous too what’s the difference between Afghanistan and Chicago?”

Yes, that is one argument I saw! I’m certain you “could” get your head cut off in Chicago, but you would have to try a little harder than in Afghanistan.

So, then what?

It has ripped my heart and the hearts of so many like me from our chests this week. It completely torn those of us who survived into pieces. Brothers and sisters lost their lives and the country, and the media ignored a war was even going on. Anytime there was an operation with an Afghan civilian injury or casualty, it was immediately stop the presses and see which American we can send to prison. Generals would have lunch with us only to tell us, “If you get into a firefight, run away. I’d rather have one of you get shot than another Afghan civilian.” Really, boss?!?!

  • Fact: Because of the U.S. running missions, LESS civilian injuries and casualties occurred!
  • Fact: Taliban would call up the local government and say “Americans are killing women and children” mostly when it was Taliban killed. They would throw a dress on him and report it as Americans killing women.
  • Fact: Those in charge, because of political reasons, would trust the Taliban report over our report, causing many undue “investigations” and an extended halt to operations, causing more American deaths.


I am so frigging angry about the events occurring in Afghanistan. There are many questions I have that I know the only answer that could be is “go fuck yourself!”

  • Why did you not pull out American Civilians before pulling the military? “Because go fuck yourself!”
  • Why did you leave all the equipment behind for China and the Taliban? “Because go fuck yourself!”
  • Why would you think that a military of 300,000 who can’t do jumping jacks, be able to hold off Taliban fighters? “Because go fuck yourself!”
  • Did you not realize that these Afghan military check for IEDs by shooting the ground in front of them before they step? “No, go fuck yourself!”
  • Did anyone in the past 20 years at least inform you that the “highly trained” Afghan Special Forces, when asked to use a shitter and shower properly, could not comprehend how the fuck to use them? Even when instructed on the proper way to sit on a toilet before you shit, not squatting on a toilet breaking it? Or even more so you don’t shit in the shower and then stop on the turds to get them down the drain? “No… go fuck yourself!”

I am certain there is ample information available that would show you cannot just rip out the American military and everything goes honkey dory! I am certain there is zero information that you could present that would even imply things would be ready for American Forces to leave.

So, what’s the reason they made this decision?

Gross incompetence? No, there is no friggin’ way that many people in leadership roles are that fucking stupid. Statistically, someone there would have accidentally reasoned that “this is a bad idea!”

Bought and paid for! More likely the reason for deciding to pull out the military BEFORE bringing U.S. Citizens home, and BEFORE helping those who helped us out, and BEFORE leaving an entire military supply of vehicles, armor, night vision, helicopters, tanks, etc. Is because someone was paid to do it and do it NOW!

The other justification I have seen attempts at is “Intel collapsed and dropped the ball!” That’s NOT the reason. Look, I hate many of the intel creeps myself, but there is NO FUCKING WAY that many intel agencies got it wrong.

All signs point to someone got “told” or “paid” to make this decision. There is one point of failure for this and it’s “No Go Joe”! Now, if you follow the trail starting from there, you will discover all the connections of shady shit going on. I’m uncertain why events of the past week have not already caused arrests to occur. This is beyond criminal! Everyone in the room of this decision should be arrested and questioned. Investigations should follow of all connections of these individuals. The enemy is INSIDE the White House!

This was not an accident!

This was NOT unforeseen!

Who is responsible?

What are their connections?

Heads need to roll, this is unacceptable!

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