Don’t Wear a Mask… Wear a Mask!

It’s funny how, when all of this COVID-CRAP started, I had a discussion with my wife on masks. With what she has going on in life we decided that she needed to be cautious and we purchased masks via Amazon we were just waiting for the shipment to get here so she could wear a mask to protect her from getting sick.
During this time, everyone and their dog were yelling at us “Don’t wear a mask! a Mask won’t protect you!” and she was admittedly a bit unsure of the decision. Personally I love my wife and want her to stay well for a long time, so I pointed out that when you go to a doctor and you have the Flu or something, what does the doctor wear? What do they request you wear while in the waiting room? A friggin mask! So there it must do SOMETHING to help prevent things.
So then it turned out our masks were shipping in from China, so they got delayed quite a bit at customs. Well now we are also finding out this is a Chinese made virus and no shit they’re going to block shipments coming in until properly expected. So we rush to the drug store to try to buy masks to buy us time until the others get here.


Every store in town is sold out of masks!
HA! that figures. Everyone out there making fun of anyone saying wear a mask, and boom all the masks are sold out. Turns out a local Asian family has gone store to store buying out all masks and shipping them to family in China.
Well ain’t that something… The people who created this thing are asking for masks. I guess them doctors telling everyone it’s ridiculous are blind? I am certain that at several levels high they are well aware of what’s going on.

We Got our Masks!

Finally we got some masks and by now everyone is trying to get masks and the whole nation is now deciding that wearing a mask is protection from this.
Oh and by the way, now you can’t go anywhere without putting one of these things on. “It’s the law” no it isn’t jackass, it’s a mandate by a governor not a law. It never went through legislation and it’s not in the book of laws.

So why am I pissed?

I’m pissed because of how long we went getting told Masks are useless, and then Masks are mandatory. I hear arguments for both sides and really it comes down to this, if you think you may be sensitive to COVID then wear a mask, if you don’t then don’t. But that’s not how society is. Nope, somehow germaphobes are in charge of the nation right now and everyone has to worry about germs. I’m sorry people have died of this disease, fact is if you’re going to get it, you’re going to get it. If it’s going to kill you, it’s going to kill you.

My Philosophy on Life and Death

I have a somewhat different view than most on life and death. I believe that nobody is in charge of determining when each will occur. God has his plan and like it or not, that’s the plan. If it’s your time to die, it’s your time to die.
Look I have known some great people, who have been in situations that NONE of us should have survived. Then we come home and something stupid kills them. After all they just lived through they die of something retarded! That’s proof to me that you’re not in charge bud. I don’t care what kind of mask you wear, or how long you stay a recluse, if the virus doesn’t get you but it’s your time, then death is still coming. We are here to live life and care for each other. Put simply, “God above all things, love your neighbor as yourself.”

Why I Wear a Mask

So if this is my philosophy then why do I wear a mask? Because it’s important to my wife. If it’s important to her, than it’s important to me. It’s that simple. I’m not here to say wear a mask. I’m not here to say don’t wear a mask. I’m here to say make a fucking decision and go with it. My daddy always said “son the hottest places in hell are reserved for those who remain neutral, so pick a side and right or wrong go with it. If you’re wrong admit you’re wrong but if it’s the side you feel should be fought for fight for it.”
So many wishy-washy pieces of shit out there, I’m surprised anything gets done.

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