MyTransphormation Monday

MyTransphormation Mondays

I’ve decided to make Mondays about my tranphormation challenge that I entered into. I’ve already mentioned that I will be focusing not only on my mental health but my physical as well. Eventually I’m working the religious health but one baby step at a time. I can honestly say that this physical challenge, self induced of course, has been helping me out quite a bit. Not only am I looking better but I’m feeling better, less tired, and stronger physically and mentally. I’m able to think much more clearly and I am not taking nearly as many naps as I was.

Still, I’m not taking as many naps as I WANT to, but that’s the part of being a father, husband, and working for a living to keep all the previous mentioned shelter, food, and water. My wife and I are quite different when it comes to the nap philosophy. While I was in the Army we called it GBNT… or Green Beret Nap Time. When you work that hard physically you understand that naps are healthy and a good way to get “back in the game” especially on days where training or deployments allow.

For years, I spent time changing from night schedule, to day, to night, to day, etc… Many of those times as well especially deployments days are no longer 24 hours. It becomes mission dependent. There was one day I drove for 3 days, for a 6 hour mission, that got pushed to 24 hour mission, with still 3 days drive back. If you have EVER tried to sleep in a military vehicle you’ll understand, best case scenario you get a catnap in. We stopped one night to try to get some rest at a British little base. I fell asleep fast, and what do you know, it started to rain. I woke up there was NOBODY around me. What the hell? They are all back in or under the vehicles to get out of the rain. Not me… No sir… I woke up deep in a mud puddle covered and soaked. What a horrid sleep but, it was still sleep.

One thing people forget now days, myself included, is that to be healthy physically and mentally, you need sleep. Regular, nightly sleep. My body has shifted so many times that it completely shuts off when I’m tired. My body tells me “no more” whenever it feels it’s done… it’s done. I had a sleep specialist explain to me that after extended periods of time without sleep or changing sleep a body hits a point where it’s like “FUCK YOU I’m doing what I need to do”

I will post later this week about the difference in protein as in Meal replacement, and protein as in “post workout”. But for now I just want to leave this picture right here, 6 inches less around my stomach since October. Not a bad deal. I’m proud of this accomplishment and excited for more to come… Stay tuned.

And no I haven’t put off the PTSD portion of this blog, I just feel that it’s important to illustrate the separate parts of health all coming together to make for a stronger, better, method of treatment. I think my buddy Heavy Armed Veteran will agree. Physical health is a MUST to be mentally healthy.

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