The FAD…

Look I’m going to come out and say this because someone has to. Some of y’all claiming PTSD are full of SHIT! No, I’m not going to get on here and name names or point people out. You know who they are by how they act. This is one of the top reasons nobody WITH PTSD even wants to associate with having it. Many of you dumb asses just don’t know how to deal with real life. Plain and simple you can’t handle life and  you throw the PTSD flag so people will have to leave you alone.


Not everything is tragic!

The way some of you are acting you would think that everyone has PTSD just from being born. Think about it, you’re in a place warm, an fed, and happy, and then BAM! Out into this cold place where your eyes burn you’ve never seen light, breathing is a chore that you’ve never experienced and now you have to use your MOUTH to eat? OH Geese, this shit is too fucking hard!



This is where it’s “cool” to have PTSD… but ONLY if you don’t really HAVE PTSD. Because lets face it, you don’t really want people to treat you like you’re crazy right? You just want them to leave you alone if anything embarrassing or challenging comes up. I mean we are ALL winners and deserve a trophy for showing up right? Na, not even that… We shouldn’t be EXPECTED to show up to get a trophy…. that’s hard too, just give me the same shit you give everyone out there who actually tries, and does hard shit, and I’ll sit in bed and be “safe” playing my violent video games that probably cause my fake ass PTSD.


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