#PTSDDaddy and The Big Move

I’ve been absent for awhile now, missing #TriggerTuesdays and all kinds of being bad. All for good reason though…

Why was I disappeared this time?

I have been promising my wife for years now of putting up with me and PTSD and my deployments. I said honey, next move you get to pick that way it’s somewhere you want to go. We have been living in Florida now for 3 years and suddenly an opportunity came up that allowed us to make a lot more money in a land that my wife would love to live. 

Where would that be?

Maryland… that’s right I moved from nice warm Florida to nice cold Maryland. It’s really not so bad at the moment but the drive here was hell and the negotiations and such for this job took most of November to figure out if I could even get the job and if so could I even move. So needless to say I have been very busy figuring all this crap out but my lovely wife has been essential in getting this to actually happen.

Penske Truck in a Ditch

Now the bad news this is NOT my picture of MY truck because I did not take pictures. If there are no pictures, then it didn’t happen. Yet believe it or not there are plenty of pictures of Penske moving trucks in similar situations as myself. So Now you know why I been absent and as soon as we are all settled here I will tell much more details of the job hunt, the move, and all the fun times that went with nearly putting a moving truck with a trailer with my car on it’s side in a ditch. 

I hope you all are having a wonderful Christmas season, as hard as it was getting up here, it’s so far been a GREAT move to make.


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