PTSDDaddy – Combat PTSD not to be confused with C-PTSD

PTSDDaddy – Combat PTSD different than C-PTSD

PTSDDaddy – Combat PTSD not to be confused with C-PTSD

I want to take a moment and explain a few things about PTSD and this blog in particular. I speak from my own experiences so this blog is and will remain consistently about Combat PTSD and being a Combat Veteran. I have met a few along the way who discuss C-PTSD and didn’t really think about it until recently. There are many out there with different things going on in life and I’m not going to discount their experiences; however, your C-PTSD is NOT my PTSD!







For a real life example, I was working with this person who’s spouse has PTSD and we were getting on the same page because I’m not here to say anyone’s PTSD should be overlooked. I will say that I know a lot of folks whose claim to PTSD is a complete farce typically used for benefits or attention. It’s not my job to point these jokers out, if you got it you know who those are who don’t.

As I learn more about this individual it turns out her “husband with PTSD” is really a wife with PTSD who did a sex change who tries to be male but let’s be honest here, if you didn’t grow up with the right parts and hormones you are and will always be pretending!

I don’t know what this girl’s PTSD came from, I did not ask. I figured if it’s for me to know people will tell me. I don’t typically go around telling strangers everything about my PTSD why should anyone else?
To make things better this “spouse” has C-PTSD which again I hear all kinds of names for PTSD, combat PTSD, PTS if you want to leave out the “disability” portion. I decided to google C-PTSD and first thing that comes up is that it’s not an officially accepted diagnoses and that it comes more from a combination of disorders one being “borderline personality disorder” and some PTSD similarities. It’s also thought to come from prolonged trauma involving “harm or abandonment”.

This means it comes from anything from “mommy daddy issues” to hostage situations


Yeah this is nothing like what I can relate to…

The point is…

My main point is this. I will read more on anyone and any info I share here and if it’s not productive for combat veterans then I will probably take it down or not even post it. I’m not here to make everyone happy. I’m not here to say all PTSD is the same. I’m not here to compare “mommy daddy issues” with life and death situations that men and women like myself have had to experience. I’m sorry you have issues but I’m here to show American Heroes that

  • You aren’t alone
  • You can fight this
  • You have a purpose… find your mission!
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