PTSDDaddy To Fireworks or Not To Fireworks

That is the question! Whether ’tis nobler to respect there are combat veterans in the neighborhood or to ignore, and in ignoring to trigger. Aye.. ’tis the rub, for ignoring combat veteran status we could trigger them and send them and their families unto a downward spiral into darkness. But to respect them, does this not mean cancelling the tradition and celebration of freedom and independence of this great nation? Nay, to respect them does not mean to stop all celebratory traditions, rather to notify and keep them in your hearts. For ’tis with only but a bit of warning that the downward spiral into darkness can be averted, and by averting the triggers and spirals families from the entire neighborhood can enjoy the festivities that only liberty and justice for all can bring!

PTSDDaddy To Fireworks or Not To Fireworks

Courteous… Does not mean Stop all FUN. 😉 REMEMBER THAT!

In English…

Look if you have a neighborhood that you know one of your neighbors was a combat vet, just give a heads up. Most vets, even the PTSD ones do not get triggered with a little warning and planning. And for those vets out there with PTSD, remember this… These celebrations have been going on for a long long time, don’t be a jerk. I got it,  you have PTSD, I have PTSD, I understand what happens… But seriously you KNOW it’s coming. Please please please just prep yourself mentally and physically and anticipate loud noises and flashes. Force yourself to be aware that it WILL happen. These are the people and these are the reasons we fought and have PTSD. So seriously…. fellow vets… don’t be a JERK! To those non-veteran neighbors…. seriously… don’t be a JERK!

Lets all celebrate together. I have PTSD but I lived, I returned, I am here to enjoy the freedoms that cost the lives of several of my brothers! I’m celebrating for THEM. I can celebrate because of what they did for ME. The least I can do is fly the flag and enjoy everything about our independence, our freedom, and our buddies who gave it to us.

EVERYONE be careful this 4th of July weekend. Please!

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