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As I go further into telling my story, I run into some fantastic people along the way. I call them #PTSDDaddy Friends. I have created this page to share these friends with you. Please check them and their pages out. Some are good people supportive of freaks like myself. Others have great knowledge and experience to share. If ever you find yourself looking for more information or a different perspective, check in here periodically and see the new contacts I meet along the way with something to say…

Welcome our Newest PTSDDaddy Friend…

Mrs. Hannah Mackenzie | General Reporter

Hannah Mackenzie comes to the Sunshine State from the Lone Star State, and is thrilled to be here! The morning reporter for WEAR, Hannah covers a wide range of news Monday through Friday. Although she thrives in ‘breaking news’ situations, she also loves the chance to tell a good feature story – with the hope of brightening someone’s day.

Soon after arriving in Pensacola, Hannah launched ‘Mission Pawssible’, a monthly segment raising awareness about overcrowded shelters, with the goal of finding forever homes for our four-legged friends. In addition to reporting every morning, you can also catch Hannah ‘Dayside’ on Channel 3 News at 11a.m. , during the afternoons on Channel 3 News at 4 p.m. and from time-to-time, filling in at the anchor desk.

Hannah spent the past two and a half years anchoring, reporting and producing for the FOX affiliate in McAllen, Texas. In the Rio Grande Valley, Hannah reported on many issues surrounding border security, drug cartel violence and the humanitarian crisis.

She may be a “Texas girl” but it wasn’t always that way. Hannah moved to Houston, Texas from Aberdeen, Scotland in 1999. It was in 2010 that she and her family proudly became American citizens. Hannah graduated from the University of Texas at Austin (Hook’em!) in May 2013 with a Bachelors degree in Journalism.

From an early age it was Hannah’s ambition to pursue a career in television. She attributes her love for journalism to her family, as her ‘mum’ worked in television in Scotland, and her granddad was a well-respected journalist and published author of many books.

Outside of the newsroom, Hannah’s interests are varied, ranging from her love of animals (especially her dog, Izzy), to following her favorite baseball team (the Astros), to the latest workout trend and her love for hip-hop music.

A beach lover, Hannah couldn’t be more excited to be reporting for WEAR here in Pensacola, Florida. If you see her around, be sure to say hi!

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Heavy Armed Veteran

Well to start off I’m definitely nobody significant, just a vet that likes to lift. My name is Salvador, I was a Combat Engineer in the Army from 2003 – 2007. Wasn’t anything special, we did a lot of route clearance during the second tour in and around Baghdad.

A couple of years ago I came up with this weird idea to cut out a stencil that said Heavily Armed Veteran, get a blank tank top, got some fabric spray paint, and paint it on the tank top. It looked pretty good, my little brother, who is active duty Navy thought it was pretty cool and wanted one in a t-shirt. So i made one for him too.

Part of the reason I had come up with this crazy idea was because I don’t like wearing apparel with “professional sports teams and or athletes names or faces. Most of my clothes are blank. What I wanted was a way of representing myself as a veteran that lifts not in vain of physical appearance, or strength, or even just to stay in good shape, but also for the mental wellness. It’s my escape from the things that are rattling around in my head, I was diagnosed with PTSD in 2007 after my last tour. PTSD sucks and it makes parts of life suck. I happen to like lifting, been doing it since high school. The gym has always been there for me to fix myself, push myself, prove to myself that I am stronger and can be stronger than I think. Since that crazy idea, I decided that it is probably a good idea to share with others that live with PTSD what lifting has done for me and how it can be a positive outlet and help improve overall wellness. My hope is some of the shirts can help remind us of who we are and why we do it.

A percentage of the proceeds of the shirts go to charities dedicated to helping veterans.

Mr. Keith Laseter with Bridging the Gap Foundation of GA

Lead “Bridging The Gap of Georgia” to be an effective, modular “action arm” that helps keep patriotism strong and which can interface / partner with and support any eligible program, activity or organization that supports our Soldiers, their Families and which seeks to honor the sacrifice of those brave men and women who give their all to keep liberty’s light burning strong.

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Bridging the Gap of Georgia

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Bridging the Gap of Georgia

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