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That’s Right… It’s been too long I’m going live starting Wednesday May 8th at 8:30PM Eastern. The Facebook live is going to make a return but I’ve added to this with lots of new stuff. I’m sorry it took so long but honestly folks I been dealing with getting “normalized” after my move to Maryland. I’m starting a PTSDDaddy radio station. I have found thanks to a friend a chat named Discord that you can add me and my channel to, and chat anytime, and I will be bringing back the Facebook live “Trigger Tuesdays!”

ALOT is coming!

Bare with me as I’m getting everything configured for the best experience I can provide. The radio station will be up only a few times a week during the live broadcasts but I intend on bringing some regular times you can tune in and just mess around with me and my music. Possibly turn me on to other music. Who knows? The focus of this post is to tell you about the radio live.

OK when, where, why…

Right now since I will be bringing back “Trigger Tuesdays” I’ve decided to have live broadcasts on MY radio station Monday/Wednesday/Friday starting around 8:30 and going for an hour or so depending on if any of you come listen in. Talking to myself is weird enough but not having anyone experience me talking to myself is horrible.

Why? because this will give me a way to put out some information about PTSD and dealing with it and mix it with some of my whacked out crazy humor. That’s right… I’m making this fun and making fun of this. So if  you’re overly sensitive please find a snowflake station who will hug you. I’m Making MONDAY’s into “CONOP MONDAYS” where we talk about the beginning of new week maybe some current events stuff and also how to prep ourselves for another 5 days. WEDNESDAY’s will be “SITREP WEDNESDAYS” where I want to talk about any updates to our week that have forced us to change plans, more current events that may or may not be hilarious and adjusting our plan for the last half of the week. FINALLY FRIDAY’s… Friday will be “AAR FRIDAYS” This will be the day where I focus on 4 different kinds of information

1) what did we do well through the week?

2) What did we NOT do very well through the week?

3) What can we improve upon in our methods and

4) what do we need to sustain and keep doing?

It’s gonna be fun, I’m going to be a smart ass, and I plan on using humor to show that we can take on anything…. ANY… THING!

I’m attaching a little thingy (widget) that has several different options to listen in on. You can simply go to www.ptsddaddy.live Mon/Wed/Friday 8:30PM or click on one of the tools below to listen in at that time. It’s not a recording so it won’t play if I am NOT online. So do get weirded out if you go there and there’s an error, just means I’m still logging in and turning everything ON… can’t wait y’all!


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