PTSDDaddy Hannah Mackenzie from Channel 3 News?

PTSDDaddy Hannah Mackenzie from Channel 3 News

Twitter Direct Message (DM) To me? From WHO?

Break…. Break…. Break….

I am taking a moment to tell a story that happened to me Friday.

Alright first of all…

PTSDDaddy Hannah Mackenzie from Channel 3 News?

Hannah Mackenzie Channel 3 News WEAR

…you have to realize that I started this blog because I started writing a book. I started writing a book because a friend described a bad day she had and I had a very similar experience. I felt you know what? All these books about PTSD from very smart people but nothing is really out there from the people like me living it. Yet there are all these experiences that my friends with PTSD have that I have. There are all these guys who have PTSD who do not admit it like I used to. There is the myth that a Green Beret like myself cannot experience PTSD.


I started to realize that when I finally got through writing this book, nobody would know about it but me and a handful of family and friends. Ok, so I re-assessed the goal. To write something folks experiencing PTSD can relate to and realize they are not the only ones.  To show that PTSD can be fought. To illustrate the myth of who can and cannot experience PTSD.  How can this be accomplish if nobody knows about it?

During this time I was also going through “prolonged exposure” treatment which meant taking the triggers for my PTSD and facing them head on. Like a “desensitization” to those people, places, things, smells, etc… that trigger me. So I started with being more “social” on Facebook. That grew to using Twitter as well, and attempting to start a conversation with those like myself. I wanted their input to see if I was going the right direction or if I was way off base. Yet none of the social media outlets seemed to be fit to share longer posts. America in general has a shorter attention span but nobody (not even myself) wants to get on Facebook and click on the “read more” link.

Numero Tres…

… So ok I’m running a blog that my dad used to run I should put one up for better place for people to see the kinds of stories I want to tell in this book. Most importantly, this was a great way to get feedback and to only target the people who were interested enough to click on the link, to get to my site, to read what I had to say. It is the people clicking who I am writing for. So I started the blog I soon after stumbled on the name PTSDDaddy and liked it so I kept it and worked it into this project.

Fast Forward to present day…

PTSDDaddy Hannah Mackenzie from Channel 3 News

Amanda Johnson WEAR

I have come a long way battling PTSD and winning. I have my moments, but I am progressing forward slowly and consistently. Friday I checked my twitter, I am constantly obsessed trying to find others who are in the same boat. I want them to know you can fight this! I had some new followers on Twitter and 2 messages from 2 new ones. I am paranoid but at the same time I am trying to check on people when they follow me, try to get them a message or check out some of their posts and share. Bottom line I want people to know I am real, this is real. So I replied to the messages and those two conversations went weird quick. Typically, I reply with “not today ISIS… not today” and block the accounts.  At this time, however, I was distracted by the account Amanda Johnson WEAR@AmandaJWEAR.

It lists that she is a producer for one of the shows on WEAR, a local news show. I thought “no friggin way!” At the same time that was pretty cool and every clicked link looked legit. I sent her a message thanking her for the follow. It’s pretty awesome to have someone in a job like that follow little ‘ol me. Nearly instantly I got another DM from Mrs. Hannah Mackenzie @Hannahh_Mackk a reporter. She wanted to interview me Monday if my schedule allowed. She does the morning show on WEAR and Tuesday is PTSD Awareness Day. Wow, just Wow… ok, that’s AWESOME!!! Except when  you are a paranoid dude like myself. I would not say that I am a pessimist, I would say more of a “cautious” person. That and I just received 2 DMs from ISIS and yeah…. now you want me to do what?

Monday Interview…

PTSDDaddy Hannah Mackenzie from Channel 3 News

WEAR Channel 3 News

I fought the best I could and clicked on every link but fact is everything in the story was adding up. That and Mrs. Mackenzie included her phone number so we could coordinate the meeting on Monday for an interview. No ISIS I have seen on Twitter yet gives a phone number, let alone one that is in the same area code. Ok, so lets give this a shot. The interview is set for Monday, we will see  how that goes. I am very flattered, honored, yet I cannot beat the “I’ll believe it when I see it” feelings I have inside.  If this is real, it will be a fantastic opportunity to get some of the facts out about PTSD and get some attention in the right direction. I doubt I will save the world but I am thrilled with the opportunity. If this does NOT happen, I will update everyone so they that it can be known that attempting to trust again is still worth it. Either way Monday is a huge win/win opportunity to show through true life events that PTSD is not the end. PTSD is merely an obstacle that can be overcome. I’m not proving a cure, no, but for lack of better words… “hold my beer and watch this y’all!”

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