I'm Dreaming of a PTSD ChristmasHave a P-T-S-D Christmas

Just a short post to discuss PTSD and the holidays.  The topic this week will be about the anti-social issues I have because of my PTSD and the social necessities for celebrating the holidays with friends, families, co-workers, etc…

There are many many things going on this time of year. There are many vets unable to relate with friends and family. There are way too many suicides that are coming. I hope that in starting a discussion we can at least help minimize those who suffer the most this holiday season.

Stay tuned for more to come… if you have PTSD, if you know someone with PTSD, share this…  I know having mostly an audience with PTSD that discussions on this blog will likely not occur but I will continue to post from my experience and hope that others out there realize they are NOT alone in feeling that way.


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