PTSDDaddy I’m Dreaming of a PTSD Christmas

I'm Dreaming of a PTSD ChristmasI have tried 3 times to write on this topic. This is more difficult than I anticipated. Where do you start talking about dealing with PTSD during the holidays? That’s the worst time to START dealing with it. I’ll be honest, I understand hating people as a whole, and this time of year we become surrounded by people. I can also understand hating family less ( I say less because lets face it unless that family member served by us or in a war zone, they don’t make it into our trust bubble).

How do I deal with PTSD over the holidays?

Honestly, this has been the first set of holidays that I haven’t screwed up in a long time. I feel much of this comes by expectation management. Knowing your limits and having those around you understanding your limits is a necessity to surviving these times. I have broken it down into several topics that need to be talked about I will be putting these together over the next few days and posting here. Stay tuned as we discuss much about PTSD and how it affects the holiday season.

An outline of topics that will be discussed are…

Part I – PTSD

  • Anti-social tendencies
  • Inability to relate
  • Lack of emotions  and enthusiasm

Part II – Fighting and Prepping

  • Put yourself in their shoes. Of course they don’t understand they have never been there
  • “Fake it till you make it” my father’s advice
  • If you don’t try to understand where others are coming from why should they try to understand you?

Part III – PTSD… It is GOING to happen

  • Depression, it will come
  • Flashbacks, even without fireworks they will come too
  • Remembering those who didn’t come home

Part IV – Mission and Planning

  • New year’s = Fresh start. Use this time to find your mission and plan
  • No plan survives first contact… we know this… so have contingency plans
  • Any plan is better than no plan but lets start simple

Part V – PTSD and mind altering substances

  • Just like on mission, altered minds are a “no go” getting drunk will make your plan fail
  • I am not saying don’t drink but I am saying don’t be stupid
  • Drinks will be very available… have a plan!
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