#PTSDDaddy It Just Makes Sense

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#PTSDDaddy It just makes sense, considering that my motivation and reason for fighting this thing and writing about it is because I’m a husband and a father. #PTSD has had quite the affect, but not just me. It’s a problem that includes the entire family. I was thinking the other day and I feel everything would have been different had I not had a wife and kids.

First off, not having a wife and kids would have made it much easier, deploying and coming home and deploying again.

Second off, not having a wife and kids would have made it much easier letting the #PTSD take over and probably be in jail by now.

Finally, without my wife and kids, the #PTSD would likely have taken me to the grave.

I read often of the 22/23 veterans a day taking their own lives. I hear the debates of why they do  it, is it a good reason is it bad? Can anyone understand it or relate to it?  Are they excused from an eternity of hell because they were not in the right mind?

Here is my opinion, and I want to highlight the opinion part of this statement…

I know why they kill themselves, I know what they are feeling, what they are living, what they smell and hear. I know most people who would not be able to carry the burden as  long as they have. I cannot tell you whether they make it to those pearly gates or not, but I can tell you that you are not alone, I can tell you that with this book others will know about what you are feeling, living, smelling, hearing. They will never know, but they can know ABOUT it, and they will.

#PTSDDaddy It just makes sense… stay tuned for more…

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