Listen to this.

Seriously listen to this. I can’t say this any better or more powerful than Jocko did. Put it on repeat…. download it, put it on your play list… every morning, every afternoon, every evening. listen to this shit. Seriously… if you haven’t pressed play yet go PRESS PLAY NOW! I’ll wait.


Did you listen to it? Good.

This dude “Jocko” reminds me of my dad. No matter what the situation he took it head on. The voice of reason. This recording helps bring back that perspective. Dad would say “they can do alot of shit, but they can’t stop the clock” meaning no matter how bad it seems, it’s temporary.
Exactly what Jocko is saying here… life’s a rollercoaster and you have the power to control your mind and your attitude. You have the ability to figure out a new way a new plan a fresh start, a completely different direction? What does the situation require?
I can’t tell you what the fuck to do. A book can’t tell you what the best decision is, the media can’t make this decision for you. It’s you. It’s all you. How are you going to handle it? Make your move and push through.

So shit’s gone to hell…. good. Whatcha gonna do PL?

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