Suicide prevention

Posted by PTSDDaddy on Thursday, August 22, 2019

If you missed last night’s live broadcast here it is again.


Last night I had on guest, good friend, and blog co-author #Stouie. (Which is awesome that technology allows for us to chat LIVE about this stuff.)


  1. #Stouie told me to get off my ass and do a live! So I did, and I am happy he was there.
  2. #Stouie is going to a big who’s who of discussion by the DOD and VA about veteran suicide.
  3. #Stouie wants to represent us all as much as he can there and is not afraid to tell folks that they are fucked up!

Therefore, watch this video to learn more and contact US if you have ANYTHING you want #Stouie to take with him to these people to bring up to them and get answers.


(AUG 26-29th ish) Next Week! so get you info to us ASAP


Nashville, TN

Message us here, or Facebook (PTSDDaddy), or e-mail (, or Discord chat (#PTSDDaddy) link can be found on the front page of the blog to make it that much easier!

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