Merry F’ing Christmas y’all!

Despite having PTSD, and despite this being #TriggerTuesday I wanted to say screw the triggers there are more important things today. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. I know for a fact it’s one of the most difficult times of year for many of us. If it’s not going well for you contact a battle buddy. They will get you through it. If you don’t have a battle buddy contact me. My e-mail and phone are on this page. My point tonight is this…

Merry F’ing Christmas

What’s the point?

I have not been a very good Catholic over the years. I am trying to be better. I have told y’all that I have worked hard on the mental part of this PTSD bull crap, then I worked on the physical part. Healthy body, makes it easier to have a healthy mind, plus can be a good outlet for triggers. But we mustn’t forget that God is in charge of all of this shit. Not to be a bible thumper but everything I have done in the past year alone has proven to me that no matter what I’m not in charge. The other thing is despite the fact that I’m an asshole Jesus died on a cross so assholes like me can even have the possibility of going to heaven.

I joke

I joke a lot about going to hell and taking over. It’s true that it’s difficult for me to see any other options. I have seen hell, I have lived in hell, and once you see this shit it’s hard to imagine the opposite of hell. I know many of you deal with this same issue. I will tell you this though (and yes I’m talking just as much to myself as I am to all of you)

You’re a good fucking person! You did impossible things, great things and things that God knew only a person like YOU can handle. It’s your job to handle it but don’t forget there’s help. There’s other veterans they know what you do. They know what you’ve done. They know where you been. They know how you deal. God gave us each other because he knew that regular folks won’t understand. So have a Merry Christmas it’s a joyous time and besides… The other side HATES our God so trying to give him more time and trusting more in him sticks it to THEM.

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