Why do I use MicroFactor

Now I’m certain that I cannot describe MicroFactor better than those who created it so I attached their information on it below my comments. I don’t know about you all, but I’m a fuckin’ meat eater! That’s right a man’s man, hardcore, eat meat. Veggies and fruits…. uhh not so much. My daddy always said to me that “vegetarian was Native American for lousy hunter.” LOL But seriously I know I am horrible with my diet. I know I do not get my daily dose of most everything on the damn pyramid. So that’s why I take MicroFactor, it includes daily dosage of many of the things I slack on. If you are a person who gets all their fruits and veggies then good on you but I’m a dude who needs assistance.

What are the benefits to MicroFactor

This again is my experience with MicroFactor added to my daily routine. I have a lot of medical issues and take a lot of meds. I was exhausted all of the time. Yes working out has helped with that but not nearly as much as taking MicroFactor. I can stay awake now throughout the day. Now when I say sleepy I don’t mean “I don’t wanna get out of bed” type of sleepy. I mean that I would literally have to pull over to the side of the road several times on my drive to and from work just to walk around, take another caffeine shot or Monster and get woke up before I could drive any further. I mean I was at work and would get nudged by co-workers because I was asleep sitting up at my computer. I could not make it through the day without a nap at some point and often times no alarm would wake me up. So keep this in mind when I said I was sleepy it was no small deal.

Also… on that note,

Starting on my last deployment my parents sent me sardines. Eating these sardines was instantly being absorbed by my body. I’m not sure what the hell was going on but my body would give a sigh of relief from eating fish. I found later that it was really any fish but especially sardines and salmon. Since taking MicroFactor my body no longer reacts so noticeably eating food of any kind including fish. I can tell you without a doubt my body is no longer so desperate for a few things that it tastes like heaven on earth when I eat it.  This makes salmon day less enjoyable than it was, but I will still eat the shit out of salmon. haha


I would say that the final HUGE difference since starting MicroFactor is the fact that I can eat normal size portions of food during a meal and feel satisfied. Prior to this I was overeating quite a bit and still hungry. I would try to fill myself up with crap food that fast cheap and easy but it was all the wrong things. Now I can eat normal size portions and split it up between meat fruit, bread, veggies, and eat much better, healthier and less. I would say more than eating less is eating and craving quality. I don’t and cannot eat a box of donuts anymore. I have one and I want some real friggin food.

So don’t take my word for it check it out, read about it, ask questions, leave comments. I’ve added MicroFactor to my diet for about the past 7-8 months. I’m not here to sell you folks,that’s bullshit! But I am here to share a good thing. Dump the Centrum and get some of this!

What has PTSDDaddy become…

If you noticed over the past several months I have included several posts about physical fitness. As I have said earlier I achieved quite a bit working on the mental part of my PTSD but I felt I hit a ceiling. Working out and trying to take better care of myself physically has helped the PTSD and handling PTSD exponentially. It’s been friggin’ awesome and days I don’t workout it def affects my ability to handle the challenges that come with PTSD. Working out has helped so much so that I am taking a guided study to become a Certified Personal Trainer through NASM. I wanted to learn the science behind my workouts. I’ve only yet begun this journey but have realized many things I myself was doing wrong and I have been working out most of my life especially 10 years as a Green Beret. I had no idea seemingly small things were so incredibly important to hitting goals. So be prepared for more fitness posts and discussions of my supplements and workouts to come. I also want to get back to what makes this page great and get more of the mental posts up besides just the #TriggerTuesdays.

Also I’m not Bible thumper, but I am now attempting to add religion to my way of life. Be prepared for more of that information soon to come.  I just feel I have a long way to go on that before I can even tell stories. It takes more than one or two visits to church to feel like I have any right to say anything about religion. I am a horrible person just trying to find balance with myself and God. Stay Tuned.


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