Farcebook Is Now MeWe

I know the changes are confusing but just to clarify I am moving my Farcebook PTSDDaddy Page to the eqivalent on a social network called MeWe. This change is costing me money to do so it’s not a change I take lightly. You are now able to find us at


I will be working to make it just the same as I do Farcebook. Bare with me during the transition I’d like to do so without losing all of you.

PTSDDaddy page on mewe


Twit Is Now Parler

On the other hand I am moving my Twitter feed to a social media platform called Parler. The good news about these moves is that I can now sync everything accordingly and have a better more consistent push towards helping those with PTSD battle PTSD. I think the fresh start fresh look is required anyways. I have dropped the ball alot on everything and it’s time to get it all back up and running.

On Parler you can find us at:


PTSDDaddy on Parler




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