#PTSDDaddy New Journey, New Friends.

I have not been doing anything new or great other than taking this new journey to help others with #PTSD, specifically those who can relate to my story and maybe I can reach more daddies who we can all be better daddies along the way. I met this lovely lady today, @AylaBrown. I’m bringing this up because this lovely lady is not just a random person who added me on twitter… she is an amazing singer and artist who’s way more famous then I will ever see. I am pointing this out as well because I truly love artists who are not “too big for their britches.”

Out of curiosity I messaged her to say “thanks for the add” and she replied right back. Not only did someone who is famous found me, followed me, and replied to me immediately, but she has some great music and really her heart is with the troops. I asked what post found her, and she was kind enough (again immediately replied) to let me know that it was the #PTSDDaddy post and her father served as well. Immediately she just went from famous to friend to family all in one short conversation.

@AylaBrown does not know

Miss @AylaBrown does not know that immediately she became family but with the short story she told me and what I have seen so far with her strong patriotism and love for the troops, I will listen to her music and tell the world about her everywhere I go. Miss @AylaBrown also does not realize the power of her “follow” on twitter has helped me a great deal feel as though this book, this journey, is worth the trials and demons along the way. I am forced to look deep into myself and go  to parts of my memories my brain does not want to remember, in order to piece things together and improve along the way.

Not an easy task, but it’s the little things along the way, someone commenting out of the blue, a friend request, a twitter follow, a short message to say “hey good idea.” Motivation gets hard at times… one quote that I always enjoyed and I am not sure who said it first but it says “obstacles… are what you see when you lose sight of your goals.” When you know the obstacles you are about to face, keeping eyes on the goals is challenging to say the least. I feel somehow God places people and things along the journey to keep you going and to let you know you’re on the right track. Never stop walking, never give up the chance for a new journey.

#PTSDDaddy New Journey, New Friends.



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