Happy New Year!

Or should I say Goodbye Old Year?

Or does it really matter?

Today, yesterday, tomorrow… Is a new year really going to change my life? Yes and no.

WTF Dave that’s not a good answer… I know but it’s true. One year I was normal the next I was a Green Beret the next year I’m 100 lbs heavier and sitting at a desk. The point is everything you hate about right now… will change. There was a saying back in my childhood, if you don’t like the weather in Kansas, wait 5 minutes, it’ll change. It does not take a special magical moment to change the numbers in the year to make changes in your life.

Every moment you take a breath is a moment to change for the better. Change your New Year’s resolution into just a new resolution. But don’t set a million of them. I want to change many things in life in my life in my wife’s life, in my kids’ life and I want to do it all yesterday. Not possible. You need to setup achievable goals and set yourself up for success. On that note don’t be overly generic… nobody’s going to be in awe that you want to “be a better person this year than last year” No shit sherlock that’s life.

Separate Note…

I want to introduce you to the new forum that I am going to focus discussing triggers and treatments. This will allow others to participate and ADD TO the discussion. Register with your real name or a fake one to remain anonymous I don’t care. I will moderate best I can if anyone starts shit or some troll decides to poke a stick then I’ll get rid of them. Check it out tell me how I can make it better…


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