I mentioned in a previous post how PTSD has given me some OCD tendencies. I was recently contacted by the folks who created this App to allow people to have a guided self analysis. This App also gives people a way to show their Counselor/Psych EXACTLY what’s going on in life not just in a counseling session!

I am way excited about this! So much so I’m probably posting pre-maturely. You see it’s available on the Apple App Store, but not on the Android yet… so I cannot try it for myself yet. My ipad is currently needing repairs and everything else I own is an Android. I figured I got some really good feedback from all of you on the post I had where I related some of my “OCDness” to my PTSD. Also some great feedback on sharing information about finding an App for those of you who have husbands, friends, or co-workers who are not ready to admit PTSD yet or refuse to go see anyone.  Let me highlight what I am excited about, please if you click on the link and try it out please please please let me know what you think and how it’s working for YOU or a loved one! I will also be following this closely to be one of the first in line when the Android version is released!

So this is why I am so excited.

PTSDDaddy nOCD App this looks pretty AWESOME

nOCD App

  1. OCD treatment utilizes Cognitive Behavior Treatment (CBT) to help those with OCD work to overcome their holdups also known as their “triggers” and more importantly their REACTIONS to these “triggers”
  2. PTSD treatment also uses the CBT to help individuals with the same type of thing so they BOTH are using proven methods making them very simple and easily accessible to all of us. CBT without guidance can get confusing and become ineffective to say the least.
  3. The nOCD App has been tested not only in the App development and technicalities but also through medical trials with real patients and real doctors! It’s no just an App some jackass threw together.
  4. It has an “SOS” option for when you hit those difficult times and have nobody to turn to that will help you off that ledge! HOW PRICELESS IS THIS!!! I don’t know how many times and how many Vets I know who needed that “911” call but went to Facebook only having nobody awake to reply, or replies the next day/afternoon. This addresses this immediately!
  5. Soon the App will have it’s own network of users that can help each other along the way, known or anonymous! I want to highlight the Anonymity!!!!
  6. Speaking of Anonymity!!! The data is secured with HIPPA approved security measures (same as your medical records) Again protected information that can be shared with your doctor only by you releasing the information to him/her yourself!
  7. GUIDED self-analysis, you’re not left by yourself to “figure it out” The App is fully customizable for you and YOUR needs. But helps you to find what YOU need. Different methods and exercises to deal with your “triggers”.

Just a few highlights,

More to come as I learn more! Y’all I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW it’s not PTSD! I got that, but there are so many similarities in how PTSD is treated and how this App works I think this App could be helpful for many of us. I think we could probably even work with the creators to “tweak” a version specific to PTSD somewhat easily. Not only am I excited about this App, but the people who run this I have talked to on the phone and they are just plain good people trying to help others.

Ultimately guys, it’s hard to find good help, it’s also difficult to admit when we have issues. Those of us “self sufficient” folks, this gives us another tool to help us maintain our pride of being “self sufficient”!

LET ME KNOW if you try it and what your thoughts are. My feelings won’t be hurt it’s not MY “baby” I am so very curious though. Damn my broken iPad!

OH and on a side note I plan on doing a post soon on Cognitive Behavior Treatment, what it is, why it is, how it was helpful for me, how it was not helpful, etc…

Click Here to Try Out nOCD!

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