PTSDDaddy non-political is non-possible

I have been trying hard not to make this blog overly political. This has been difficult as I have very strong feelings about current events and what is going on in the world. Today it hit me though, there is no possible way to be completely non-political. None. I bite my tongue and I am no better than those assholes I hate. My wife is right, I have been way to focused on trying to get more people reading this and not focused on saying what I need to say. Biting my tongue is no good, especially for treatment of PTSD. This is why I am going to go on a rant of belief that may very well be called “political” or “racist” or “bias” or many other things.

WHEW… here we go… hold my beer and watch this!

PTSDDaddy non-political is non-possible

Afghan Flag

Have you been to Afghanistan? Yes… then ok cool you have your opinion that may or may not agree with me. No??? Then it’s best you shut the hell up and listen to those who know what the fuck we are talking about. Back when I was a kid we were brought up to learn from those who have been there and done that. Not criticize them or tell them they are wrong. I had an instructor with a Ph.D. (Piled Higher and Deeper my dad would call it) who would tell me and a room full of Special Operations Community how life is in Afghanistan. If we disagreed he would ask for our source. If our source was not one of his approved “academia authors” then it was not a “reliable source” what land did this dip shit grow up in? You do realize that someone was the first to write about things. Not everyone has to agree with that ONE person… WOW!

You mean I have the freedom to have my own opinion and life experience?

YES!!! EXACTLY!!! Some dip shit kid spends his entire life in school even adulthood teaching in school to think that he knows it all because he did a paper on it based off a book? Wake UP America!!! Academia is full of nut jobs who hate free speech and your ability to come to your own conclusions! This is a shame because it was created for exact opposite reason. Academia was supposed to be a place for thoughtful discussion and disagreements. Debates about current situations and issues in the world and eventually solutions to these issues. Liberals have taken over Academia, Liberals have taken over Hollywood, Liberals have taken over News and TV. You see a problem with this? I do. When you control the “message” you control the every day hype and focus, you control GRADES (cooperate and graduate), then you can start to control everything. The Taliban kill educators and rip apart schools only to turn them into training facilities. Why? Because no one can read they can tell them whatever they want to tell the people about the koran and they believe this as if they read it themselves.

PTSDDaddy non-political is non-possible

Afghan Map

So where am I going with this???

Yes, this is a holy war that is taking place world wide. Like it or not this is a war of muslim against Christians. YES I said it the M-word against the C-word? WHAT? Christianity is wide spread, so is the muslim religion. Most people who throw the whole “that’s not what the koran says” assume everybody can read and understand what’s in that book. According to the CIA Factbook 38.2% is the literacy rate of the entire population in Afghanistan. Yeah they are a 3rd world country and blah blah blah. If you put the lines together you will see that this is the traditional method of war by terrorism…



  1. Cause security issues, show the citizens that the Government cannot keep them safe.
  2.  Appeal to the poor, tired, illiterate, abused, show them kindness give them money, and soon train them to fight (oh and by the way tell them what the koran says is their mission)
  3. Provide security to these small areas that the local government could not provide security.
  4. Provide medical and food assistance to these areas as well
  5. Tell the people you gave money food and medical to that they are indebted and if they do not pay the “community” back in full their entire family will be slaughtered and it’s all their fault.
  6. Have them do horrible things and suicide bombings to keep their family safe.
  7. If the “martyr’s” family does not have any more males in it kill them anyways they are useless except maybe to sell as sex slaves.
  8. It’s too late for many to come out of this situation they are already sucked too far in (holy moly! Just like human trafficing!)

Smart people don’t Strap bombs to themselves!

All the smart folks in the terrorist community do not strap bombs to themselves! The literate people who know better do not go in and shoot places up. The smart people are the planners. The smart people are the ones creating the message and the call to jihad and convincing the uneducated and the poor and the downtrodden and showing them an opportunity they cannot refuse. Which one of you would drive a car into a bunch of pedestrians if it meant that your family would always have food/shelter/water and be taken care of even become rich? I am just saying those of you who assume the rest of the world is like us? You are retarded and should not be allowed to make decisions of any kind. Those who are convinced this is no holy war, you need to be put on a plane and shown the truth for yourselves. I could talk until there were no more words and many of you would refuse to see the truth of what’s going on.

As a post combat PTSD Green Beret with 3 trips fighting terrorism I will say right now our point of view as a nation of this situation is fucked up! I will also say Mr. Trump hell of a job you’re doing keep it up! I will also say President Trump, if you’re looking for someone to advise on situations who refuses to hold his tongue just to appease people, I’m right here. I’m willing to say the hard shit so that Americans can rest their sweet little heads easier at night knowing they aren’t the assholes.

PTSDDaddy non-political is non-possible


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