Alot of serious posts this week about some difficult topics. I thought I would cover a less emotional pet peeve of mine when it comes to fitness. For awhile there I was part of BeachBody and still have a spot open as a coach for them. While working with some of their stuff I would say 1) I LOVE LOVE LOVE a few of their workouts. Not all of them are for me but some great stuff there. 2) I also LOVE LOVE LOVE Shakeology. Which is a great meal replacement but not a protein…



Meal Replacement… but it’s Protein too!

There it is, my pet peeve. Meal replacement does not necessarily equal Protein, and Protein does not necessarily equal meal replacement. Look there is alot of moving parts when it comes to proper nutrition. I fully believe in making life as simple as I can. If you’re looking to have something to drink real quick because you don’t have time for breakfast in the morning, you may be cutting yourself way short by just making a quick protein shake.
On the flip side of this, if you’re looking for a great protein boost, a “meal replacement” shake may not have enough of what you are looking for. I like to think of “meal replacements” as an “instant breakfast” brand type drink. It has some vitamins and minerals and tries to make you feel full so you’re not starving by your next meal.

MA Protein!

I was happy to find 1st Phorm supplements for many many many reasons. But I’m breaking it down into their protein today. Let’s keep this simple. There are lots of different flavors and types of protein and I know you guys don’t really give a fuck about the science in it. So here’s the bottom line. I use 1st Phorm’s Level-1 protein for my breakfast replacement. It’s designed to specifically digest just like eating a piece of meat. Your stomach uses it for about 3 hours, it’s a great meal replacement protein as my body uses it like it uses “real food.”
Of course if you have time the BEST option is for you to EAT BREAKFAST! No shake is going to do you as much good as eating real food. I got it. But for those of us who DON’T have time to have a real breakfast, and if I do eat anything it’s CRAP like donuts or a gas station breakfast burrito. I needed something that would change my diet for the best but not overly time consuming.

I am by no means perfect on diet myself, but have changed many things lately to attempt to eat better. I am not going to get too much into all of the changes yet I’ll have more of that in a later post but bottom line I needed a better breakfast and 1st Phorm’s Level-1 Protein has been a fantastic change in my diet. More energy, less fat, less drag, less feeling tired and fantastic way to start my day. Anyone’s who’s had protein shakes will tell you, some can give you pretty bad gassy feeling and most of them no matter how hard you mix them, you still end up chewing the shit.

Flavors of protein have gotten better over the years but I cannot stand the shit you end up chewing. I tried one protein where finally I bought a little blender just to mix it. Even that was no good because it had so much fiber in it as well that by the end of mixing it was not a shake it was almost a solid as the fiber made it thick thick thick. Nearly had to drink it via spoon. I ended up giving up on that shit. That shit in fact almost made me give up on supplemental protein as a whole… until I found this one.

1st Phorm’s Level-1 protein mixes so friggin easy as smooth. Maybe 30 seconds of shaking then let it set so the bubbles go away and it’s a friggin awesome flavor and smooth drink. HERE’S the best part! I don’t have to throw away my fucking shaker cup because I can’t get the smell of a rotten shake out of the plastic. I get it, wash it immediately after drinking right? NOPE, many times when I have a meal replacement shake it’s on the drive to work. Best case scenario an hour later I get to work and can rinse and wash my cup. NOT SOON ENOUGH for many protein shakes out there.

NOT with Level-1, this shit washes out easy. So much so I’ll get to work, give it a good rinse and use the cup for water the rest of the day. That’s the other big change I made to my diet. Instead of 4-5 Monsters a day I drink water. Fill up my cup, and drink more. I maybe do ONE monster in a day now and many times I take a few sips of Monster and cannot do much more. Overall I’m doing much better with diet and these shakes have been a life saver when it comes to breakfast and having enough energy to get through to lunch.



Post Workout

I’m glad I mentioned lunch, for many of my lunches I have been hitting the gym for the past month and half or so. This is where post workout has been keeping me going. I hit a workout hard and as much as I can for 40 minutes to an hour. Afterwards I have a protein and glycogen combo that is AWESOME!!!! Look I’ve never been much of a post workout guy. I’d have a protein shake and a meal or something, but WOW this combo is freaking fantastic. I combine 1st Phorm’s Phormula-1 protein which, again without the science behind it, is a protein that’s partially broken down so your body can use it quicker, digests it quicker, and gets it to your muscles quicker to repair all the damage you caused by working out. But then you combine it with 1st Phorm’s Ignition powder which spikes your body’s glycogen so your system has enough energy to actually use the protein to fix the muscles. It’s a natural way to give your body exactly what it need to start getting those muscles the shit it needs to get bigger/healthier/ripped-er depending on your workouts but it’s FRIGGIN Awesome!


Post WorkoutPost Workout Key

Why do I say friggin awesome? Because I can actually feel my body taking that shit straight out of my stomach and too my muscles. I’m less sore, have a quicker recover time, and back at work able to focus on work not how sore I am because I pushed the limits on my workout. I have NEVER in my life had such a quick and great feeling from drinking a shake. In fact it’s so great I make sure I never touch the shit unless I’m post workout. I don’t want to waste it and I’m dreading getting close to re-ordering because I gotta time it right to get it before I’m out of it. LOL

So in this case Phormula-1 is NOT a meal replacement. Even without the glycogen boost added to it, it’s a pre-broken down protein designed for quick absorption by your body. You will be hungry within 30 minutes of drinking it, you will never make it to lunch. Even if you’re one of those “eat every 2-3 hours” type fitness experts, you won’t last until your next snack.


Bottom line guys and gals, please understand there is different thing out there that accomplish different goals. If you have specific goal you want to discuss feel free to message me or shoot me an e-mail at I will be happy to talk diet and workout shit. It gives me something to focus on other then PTSD topics and I feel like I’ve said before a better physical shape helps to get a better mental shape.

Oh and for the record Phormula-1/Ignition combo washes out of the shaker cup just as easy and quick as the Level-1. Which is CRAZY because yes I use 2 scoops of Level-1, but I use 2 scoops of Phormula-1 and 1 scoop of Ignition as well as 1 scoop of creatine and it still mixes smooth no lumps and no chewing. It also washes out nice. Way awesome for on the go people who don’t have a dishwasher every time they drink a shake.



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