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“How do you eat an elephant?” My father would ask me. “One bite at a time.” Was always the answer.
A simple reminder, at times when life seemed a bit overwhelming, that sometimes you just have to take large problems or issues and work through them a small portion at once.


So as you all know I have been working for several years now on getting control of my PTSD. I finally feel I am in a good position to take it further and more and even if it’s a bad day I’m good. I am much better than I was, not as good as I want to be, but on the right path to continued improvement.

This is huge! Anyone with PTSD can understand that saying this is no small deal.
However, I still do not feel victorious… I’m attempting to shift gears a bit and focus on the physical fitness and shape that I let slip while my attention was focused on mental health.

I have a somewhat poor perception of myself and I know (because I am me) that a big chunk of that is because I am not the “superstar” I used to be. I was never a glorious body builder but I was in good shape at one point.


PTSDDaddy Mental, Physical, SpiritualSo my next “bite” if you will, will be getting back into decent shape. I have signed up for a local 5K race with a co-worker. I’m not signing up to win but rather to use it as motivation to keep on progressing. There is a deadline now that if I don’t work on my fitness a bit at a time between here and the 5K, I will surely hurt ALOT more.

Shortly after signing up for this I saw an ad for 1st Phorm, a company offering supplements to aid in physical activity. I’m not usually one to sign up for these. Never the fastest or biggest, but I watched their video and it’s all about being that person who inspires others to change for the better.

That is why I put my name in the hat, I know lots of people who have forced and motivated me to change for the better and I thought to myself “Self…” that’s what I call myself, I said “Self, I’ll bet if you can go from this current state of flab to a decent shape you could show some folks out there that, YEAH it’s possible you just gotta work at it.”

So that’s my motivation! Same as this website, to show others out there that you aren’t alone and you can fight to become better.


I cannot really comment on this… yet, I’m working on it a bit at a time and I will get better. I’m just not in any place right now to tell anyone else what’s good or bad spiritually. I wanted to include it to illustrate that there is more to being mentally fit than just mental. I feel strongly that if we don’t try to work on all of them the ones that are left behind drag the others down.

In other words… I cannot be the best me if I ignore any one thing.

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