Let’s be honest…

I’m old and busted, I’ve used and abused my body, and well time has caught up to me. I let myself go for last few years (by few I mean like 3) and now I’m trying to get back some of what I had. Why am I trying to get back what I had? Because I am a father. I am a husband. I have people in my life who I want to stick around for. Same reason I’m fighting PTSD. I can’t go through life getting weaker and more broken and sit on my ass and not do anything about it. I WANT to play with my kids. I WANT to be a dad. I WANT to help my wife out and not let her do everything because I’m broken and given up on trying to keep what I can of my health and my physical abilities.

When it’s your time… it’s your time…

Look I’ve seen enough death in my life. I understand death more than most. I have come to terms with “when it’s your time, it’s your time.” I’ve seen dudes live through 11 months of hell, come home and die an incomprehensible death on a trip that was supposed to be a celebration for their return. So yeah I know I will die. What I also know is this…

Being fat and broken I increase my chances of death exponentially. I also have alot less fun through the parts that I’m still living. So FUCK death! FUCK being broken. I’m going to fight for every bit of time I have and I’m going to enjoy every moment of it. That’s that, no if’s, ands, or buts. Not anymore…

Post Workout

Ok so back to my original topic of post workout and it’s importance to plan accordingly. The best, fastest, easiest way to grow muscle is really non secret. You work out and you feed your muscles what they need. Post workout is a fantastic time to isolate what nutrition is going to the muscles. Your muscles are broken down a bit, the body is looking to “fix” them it doesn’t get any easier than this moment to give them protein.

On that note I will say proper meal planning is important as well. I hope to add more of this to my health journey as I am bad with it myself. I’m not bad at eating horrible foods or incredibly big portions. I am bad in the sense of I don’t plan so I don’t have anything to eat. Then finding that stuff becomes  “work” and often times I’m so workaholic I push off food for getting back to work. So supplements are my go-to when I decide I’m working out to make changes.

I use 1st Phorms  Phormula-1 combined with Ignition also referred to as “post workout stack“. It’s a stack cuz bought together they work better and save you money in the combination. Look if you are like me and not the meal planner give them a try. One of the greatest things about this company is if you don’t like it 100% get your money back. Unfortunately I haven’t NOT liked it so I haven’t gotten my money back.

Why I haven’t gotten my money back

  1. It tastes fucking AWESOME!!!
  2. It mixes AWESOME, I don’t end up chewing the shit.
  3. I can feel my muscles using every bit of it AND I’m not sore for 5 friggin days making me fail to continue workouts.
  4. It’s THAT easy… It rinses out of the cup easy, I use my cup for water to keep hydration and it keeps me out of the Monster drinks all of the friggin time.

Anyone who’s tried protein can tell you all the horror stories about tasting like shit, not mixing well at ALL, and yeah I’m sure your muscles use some of it but it simply won’t give you that instant “fix” that you get from 1st Phorm and it likely won’t digest as quickly as this one. I’m going to leave the link here for you to check it out! If you get it let me know I want to follow up to see how it’s working for you as well. We can compare plus I’m always looking for good shit.

Now for those who are NOT like me and do the meal prep. This could help give you that instant fix while you shower, change, and find time to sit and eat.  You should check it out too.

I will say this though, It’s a SUPPLEMENT, not a REQUIREMENT. You don’t need it if you plan your meals right but on that note I know very few who plan out their meals. I know a few… but very few. I know most of y’all out there are lazy like me and having that little bit of edge helps out a huge deal.

Join me on my fitness journey as one of my new goals is to eventually compete in a body building competition. Yes that’s right… this fat ass will someday be signing up to stand in front of people and voluntarily be judged.


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