#PTSDDaddy PTSD and Open Containers and Road Rage Oh My!

#PTSDDaddy PTSD and Open Containers and Road Rage Oh My!

Brandon Vega

Lyfe Engelhard

Seriously I do not even know where to begin on this one. I am so furious about so many things here and yet I can relate. It pains me to see someone go so blindly violent and knowing how I am when that switch is flipped. Yet at the same time I will not say he was in the “right” because he is not. My daddy raised me to fight for what I believe in and have the guts to admit when you’re wrong. This guy is wrong! Many internal conflicts about how I would feel in his shoes. I can completely understand that anger that just grows and explodes. I told one of my friends that I am my own worst enemy. I hate to lose control and when PTSD does get the best of me and I lose it, I will be the first in line to smack me across the face and ask “what was wrong with you?!?!”

Half the Story…

#PTSDDaddy PTSD and Open Containers and Road Rage Oh My!

GoFundMe for bloody nose?

This is only half the story, there is this video going on of this dude, claiming he’s a Combat Vet with PTSD and he hits the kid who’s driving the car. Got it! The dude is wrong to hit the kid especially with his wife and kids in the car watching dad go crazy. This is NOT the right answer. But in the video as well, the girlfriend/wife/lover/whatever of the driver sets her “OPEN CONTAINER” down (which by the way now claiming it’s root beer, BS!) and then gets out to get this dude’s license plate on video.  Ya know what? Yes! Good for you going about getting the evidence needed to have the police follow up with this guy going absolutely bonkers. NOT so good for you having an open container while in a vehicle.

#PTSDDaddy PTSD and Open Containers and Road Rage Oh My!

Attacked on facebook

ATTACKED via Facebook???

So I find out now the kid that got hit in the face and a bloody nose is now running a gofundme to pay his “medical bills”??? So I hear about this beer bottle in the video and drinking/driving and such so I thought.. “Ya know what? I should see for myself.” Sure enough there’s a bottle, it’s open, and I am certain it’s not “root beer”. I don’t even think this girl is old enough to drink. So now I feel there is lots going wrong here and post a picture of the bottle everyone is talking about. Notice I said “in case you missed it here’s the beer bottle”

I got attacked by

Jordan Knapp “So it’s Justified? ignorance”

Jordan Knapp you dumb son of a bitch! I said nothing of justification and you sir, are just out there trying to start shit. Go back to your video games and skateboards I doubt you even know the definition of “ignorance” despite living it every day of your life.

Madison Purkiss “Lol are you the piece of shit in this video”

Madison Purkiss why are you so angry because I point out that everyone in this video is somehow wrong? So you will go straight into insult mode and calling me a piece of shit? So I looked at your profile and you’re like 12 years old. If my daughter EVER talks to people like you young lady I will be sure to let MY girl know that is not proper way to address people. My goodness your parents really fucked up.

Jared Marshall “David J. Brock lol the girl has a beer and some how the man who got hit is to blame?”

Jared Marshall everywhere I have been the driver is responsible for everyone and every thing in the vehicle. Yes the BOY driving should be blamed for allowing open containers in a moving vehicle which I’m pretty sure breaks the law consistently in every state. At this point Jared I stopped looking at profiles because I was done finding out that “babies” are coming at me curing out and trying to DEBATE technicalities on whether it was the driver’s fault for a passenger? Read a DMV drivers manual some time you can’t have open containers in a vehicle and driver claims all responsibility. Same goes if it were drugs, guns, stolen money, etc… driver’s allowing it means driver guilty.

Matt Brown “it’s not beer”

You’re right Matt I was corrected later and agree… this is NOT a beer bottle… It’s a wine bottle. The girl should be carded and held accountable if she’s of age she still has an open container in a moving vehicle. If she’s underage then proper charges should be filed with this video evidence provided. The driver should be prosecuted/ticketed for open container and anything else that comes with.

Finally to the crazy  dude hitting the kid. I got it. Kids today are impossible and irresponsible. I understand your anger, rage, frustration, but dude get some help you can’t just go up hitting stupid people whether they deserve it or not. There are lots of people who should be throat punched. We cannot just go around doing this though.

Final thoughts…

Finally I will just wrap it all up with I am mad and frustrated with all of this story and all parties involved. I’m surprised by how quickly babies barely old enough to drive and have a facebook are quick to just curse people out who tell them or their friends they are wrong. I can def see why the Liberals and Democrats are a bunch of cry baby “snowflakes” with a following like these retards throwing fits is what’s “popular” now. I pray to God that a society as a whole can start waking these and OUR kids up. It’s not all pancakes and syrup in this world. There are bad people doing bad things everywhere. Your hurt feelings report needs to be filed up your A-hole. We need to stop giving everyone a participation trophy and go back to showing and teaching kids how to deal with things when they do NOT go your way. I’m mad at everyone in this. I’m really shocked and disappointed that there’s a gofund me asking for 5000 dollars because the dumb ass has a bloody nose.

#PTSDDaddy PTSD and Open Containers and Road Rage Oh My!


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