PTSDDaddy Racists are NOT created in the Military

I’m not a big fan of politics and Lord knows that I make more enemies than friends every time I open my mouth about politics. This one

PTSDDaddy Racists are NOT created in the Military

David Faggin

seems right up my alley though as I get to counter argue as well as straighten out a few facts about PTSD that Mr. David Fagin “Writer, musician, Trump Resister, food snob” and all around full blown retarded piece of shit has mixed up about PTSD and Military.

Nothing is less racist than the United States Military

Throwing PTSD in the mix or not you will find that no organization out there is LESS racist than the United States Military. All branches, I won’t even make fun of any other branch about this topic because there is nothing racist about those serving in the Military. Yes, yes, yes, I get it EVERY group of in the world has its assholes. So, I am certain that someone can bring up a list of racist pieces of shit who were at some point in the military. Got it! You can bet your ass they didn’t pull that shit INSIDE the military. I believe you could get your ass handed to you for saying stupid shit.

PTSD has nothing to do with Racist “ness” …

So then this douche bag has the nerve of trying to link PTSD with racism and all of this as a “side effect of serving your country.” David Fagin, you are one of the top when it comes to stupid people. How does Huffington post even consider publishing your worthless opinionated piece of shit work? I mean seriously, you say nothing of substance in this entire article. You just tell people how serving in the military gives you PTSD and PTSD makes you racist, therefore serving your country makes you racist…. Holy Shit dude!!! I will tell you what serving your military and having PTSD will do to people like me. It makes me want to meet dipshits like you and beat your face in until you say something even half way intelligent.

Mr. Faggin’s Article

His article can be found here
Please by all means go and read this bullshit. THIS is what people say about us folks. They try to pin stupid shit on us especially those of us who legitimately have PTSD. Of course THEY know what PTSD is because they heard the term in the news so they feel it necessary to disperse there “intelligence and understanding” to the world.
Guys like this piss me off to no end. I’m stepping off my soap box now. I promised myself I would not go too in depth on this waste of oxygen. Please go read it understand what dumbasses think… it’s important to know how they see life vs. how reality truly is.

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