Look it’s come to my attention, simply from the fact that NOBODY is messaing me about becoming a resource other than drug/alcohol abuse facilities, that I’m done with that. I will be looking for good resources for PTSD and us that are not just focused on “hey asshole stop drinking!” 

What does this mean?

I have found a great resource by PTSD veterans FOR PTSD veterans for service animals. Look soon for the post about them and more cool info on what these folks are doing. Also I will be looking for other resources that are useful. 

I’ve been Absent:

I know I have been away for too long. I do that often because I have my own demons I am dealing with and I’m certain you all understand this. I lost my job, had to find a new one, am catching up with bills that I am now way late on, and have been dealing with wife and kids that were sick and I ended up catching it. So… a LOT of moving pieces lately and I dropped the ball here to focus on what’s ultimately my life … FAMILY. Without them I am nothing and would likely not be here posting. 

With that said…

I am sitting down and realizing that this page needs MORE. More than random posts of me bitching or fake ass “raw raw you can do it” I mean these things but this page is designed for much more than that. So I am currently getting a plan together. I want a unified goal and a starting point and goal for this site. 

There will be some changes coming along most for good (hopefully) any suggestions are welcome and combining that with a regularly scheduled talk show. I will have scheduled times for serious stuff and scheduled times for “lets shoot the shit and make fun of everything” but I will have a schedule. 

What about facebook live?

I’m done with facebook live simply because I hate it. I feel more can and will come from a scheduled talk show than random video’s. I know some folks out there really enjoy the facebook live moments but I hate facebook and want to do more here on my own stuff. No filters, no rules, no holds bar! Pure fucking honesty. That’s what I owe YOU and that’s what this is about. Not tip toeing around rules. 

So get prepared for some good changes and updates coming. I am excited I just need to focus on a plan FIRST, and then we’ll go from there.


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