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PTSDDaddy Merry F’in Christmas!

Despite having PTSD, and despite this being #TriggerTuesday I wanted to say screw the triggers there are more important things today. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. I know for a fact it’s one of the most difficult times of year for many of us. If it’s not going well for you contact a battle buddy. They will get you through it. If you don’t have a battle buddy contact me. My e-mail and phone are on this page. My point tonight is this…

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#PTSDDaddy on Death

 I'm Death and Distruction! As a combat veteran, I will tell you that my PTSD comes from nothing that includes bad guys dying. Even with that I can at least justify in my mind why good men die while at war. I can tell myself "they were grown adults, they knew what...

#PTSDDaddy Moving from Farcebook and Twit to Parler and MeWe

Farcebook Is Now MeWe I know the changes are confusing but just to clarify I am moving my Farcebook PTSDDaddy Page to the eqivalent on a social network called MeWe. This change is costing me money to do so it's not a change I take lightly. You are now able to find us...

#PTSDDaddy and masks and everything in between.

Don't Wear a Mask... Wear a Mask! It's funny how, when all of this COVID-CRAP started, I had a discussion with my wife on masks. With what she has going on in life we decided that she needed to be cautious and we purchased masks via Amazon we were just waiting for the...

#PTSDDaddy and PTSD “Fads”

The FAD... Look I'm going to come out and say this because someone has to. Some of y'all claiming PTSD are full of SHIT! No, I'm not going to get on here and name names or point people out. You know who they are by how they act. This is one of the top reasons nobody...

#PTSDDaddy Resource update…

Resources: Look it's come to my attention, simply from the fact that NOBODY is messaing me about becoming a resource other than drug/alcohol abuse facilities, that I'm done with that. I will be looking for good resources for PTSD and us that are not just focused on...

#PTSDDaddy and Change

There was an older movie that I grew up watching titled "Better off Dead". In this movie the main character was trying hard to practice skiing I don't remember why. But that's ok because it's not the point of this story. One of his crazy friends was trying to "coach"...

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PTSDDaddy PTSD awareness WEAR TV

Made it on WEAR Channel 3 news! Hannah Mackenzie did a  GREAT job putting it all together. HUGE THANKS.  Click the button below to see the video!


We Made it To: Top 75 PTSD Blogs on the web

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