#TriggerTuesday 10 April 2018

PTSD Bunker Gear for Your Brain‘s Video about taking better care of yourself and re-establishing yourself.


When one of your triggers is too many folks for too long in your space, let me tell you it makes for a challenge going to use the gym as therapy when it’s packed full. This goes to show that even looking forward to certain things, triggers can get in the way. Through years of counseling I have learned myself quite a bit in order to anticipate my triggers. I also know my limits.

It was explained to me by my counselor that facing these triggers was a necessary evil, yet pushing too far could send you back into a downward spiral. This go around I WIN, it’s a big WIN. I was able to accomplish my workout, yet did not have to push myself past any limits. Not too far anyways.

The point of this post…

You can WIN, but you have to play to win. My father always told me while I was playing basketball as a kid. One of my coaches would always tell me if I got the ball, pass it off. My father would say “you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”. My coach was worried I would miss, yet my father convinced me that if I don’t try I will always miss. Triggers will follow us always and wherever we go. You can take control back, but you have to try. Sometimes trying means failing. But never trying means we always fail and we will never get control back.  Watch PTSD Bunker Gear for your Brain’s video I’ve attached in this post. He says the same type of thing in a different way. Sometimes hearing it in a different way makes it make sense.

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