Today’s #TriggerTuesday, I discussed the triggers I have with positioning myself in an area where I feel like I can have eyes and ears on everyone around me. As stated in the video, I had been pushed by my wife to sit in a location at an event FOR MY SON that made me uncomfortable. After much debate and me getting frustrated with feeling like my wife was not listening and understanding what I was trying to tell her I did what she wanted anyways. Eventually I had the opportunity to push past my trigger and enjoy watching my son in his event.


First off know that until you have some methods to recognize your triggers as well as address them when they happen, you should not put yourself in a situation where you will have to deal with a possible trigger for a longer amount of time. Know thyself… my wife has an understanding of where I am at with my triggers and also how much I can deal with and she pushes the limits FOR me. This does not come without years of trial and error and building that trust. Had it been this time a couple years ago I would have straight told her to fuck off and not even attended the event.  Why this event was important is because it was for my SON. Not for me to be comfy, not for the hell of it, not for shits n giggles.

Lesson of this Trigger…

I know lots of you are triggered by situations with people you do not know. Some may not like big crowds, some may not like ANYBODY. I get this…

But until you examine yourself and know your triggers and what helps calm them, until you know your limits, you cannot do a simple task like this. I get that. So I go back to the lesson I discuss nearly every #TriggerTuesday… Know Thyself… you can do this shit. You don’t have to win every battle… some you will lose… and that’s ok. With loss comes lessons learned. From defeat comes victory. It’s not the battle that counts, YOU HAVE TO WIN THE WAR!

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