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You have many senses. Smell, taste, touch, sight, sound. When you’re in a situation which causes PTSD, or even in cases like mine, prolonged situations, your brain has many many many things that it absorbing quickly and trying to make sense of. I said most of this in my video but will re-iterate it here. I want to re-iterate the importance of watching Carl Waggett’s video as well this video goes into a great explanation of what causes PTSD in a simple way to understand. I also want to point out that I stated Carl’s last name incorrectly in the video and want to publicly apologize for that. I’ve already mentioned it to him but man I feel bad about that. I will admit I’m new to the whole video thing and get a bit anxious, so much so I didn’t realize this mistake until later in the day.


Where I am going with this is that there are many many things that can cause us to trigger. We may or may not recognize it as a trigger. There may be a smell that sets us off. For me, I do not smell very well. I’ve been blown up too many times, rolled too many vehicles, hit my head too many times and I can have a dog literally shit right next to me and I won’t smell it. Yet it’s crazy that somehow I get a whiff of something that reminds my brain of these events and I trigger. I don’t even realize right away that I smelled something. Same goes with the other senses. Your brain stores so much information about the situation attempting to make sense of it that you don’t necessarily know all of the information about that situation.

The point is guys, that knowing yourself is a necessity for trying to figure out and fight triggers. At least if you can understand and recognize some of your triggers you can “get your mind right” before it occurs and have a fighting chance.


Hit up Carl and his PTSD Bunker Gear for Your Brain! He’s got LOTS of great video’s and really puts things into perspective!

And… Let me know what you think about the Facebook live video’s… good, bad, or ugly I’m new at this shit and need some feedback from you all. If you don’t want to make a public comment, hit me up on e-mail. I have it just for you guys and nobody but marketers are taking advantage. DavidJBrock@PTSDDaddy.com.


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