Arm Yourself!

I’ve said it every #TriggerTuesday, you must KNOW  YOURSELF. I have not given much help or advice to HOW you need to go about doing this. I will be making a few changes to the site and categorizing posts and information a bit better. I will have a section to continue #TriggerTuesdays, I will have a section specifically for the posts about my fitness (PHYSICAL HEALTH), I will have a section to go further on the Mind and how to better KNOW yourself and take control. I will also have a new section specifically for my attempt at getting back to church and the effects that renewing a spirituality helps with my PTSDness.

In other words

I have said it before mind/body/spirit all work together. I have fought hard to take back my mind and I will go into better discussions and stories of that. I have fought hard to take back my body which is still an uphill battle. I am way far away from those goals. And I have NOT fought hard to take back my spirituality but am currently in the beginning stages. I will break these sections off to maintain an easy way to go to the section that you are more interested in. I know some people out there may see my fitness post as “oh shit he’s trying to sell me” when fact is I’m just showing you that I will never tell you to do shit that I am not willing to do myself. Same with spirituality.  The goal for me is to make this site useful and easy to find the shit YOU are more interested in, but also to paint the bigger picture of PTSD and the different weapons I am arming myself with.


Remember, grabbing a gun and firing it downrange does not make you an expert. Practice with that weapon, learning the ins and outs of it. Cleaning that weapon, understanding the mechanics. Arming yourself is more than just grabbing a tool. It’s KNOWING how to use that tool. Stick with me as shit’s about to get interesting (yes more so than normal.)

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