I recently attended an event for veterans. While attending I ran into a few I have met years ago and some whom I have never seen before. I was set back a bit when I noticed that many in attendance were holding true to the stereotypical broken and cranky vet. Whether they have PTSD or not. The other thing I noticed was some of these individuals with triggers were triggering my triggers. Others had NO situational awareness and were hovering way too close for anyone’s comfort simply because they wanted to be first in line for the prize at the end. This part irks me even more. You are a grown fucking adult… act like it! I can understand being in the military and having privates who are young and dumb and eager. But seriously jackass… you are OLD now! Get in line like everyone else. When you are in a group of peers and there are some completely oblivious to the fact that others may have issues with people pushing their way into their bubble then you need to fucking leave. You are the reason I hate people.

The next topic I want to address is the fact that some of the individuals I have met prior are no better off now than when we met. I understand having PTSD, I understand having a broken body, I DO NOT understand giving into this shit and letting it win. I will likely never understand that. I had to have (as well as my other teammates had to have) our captain explain to us why we were getting submitted for medals. None of us had done anything spectacular… but our captain notified us that our “norm” was the “normal person” exceptional. None of us realized it, and none of us wanted to claim it but hind sight 20/20 my captain was correct. Seeing these veterans and how they act, how they have or have not grown over the years shows the difference between my way of thinking and being and the standard for “norm”.

I hope to never be norm. My body is broken but I refuse to give in. I work out to compensate for the parts of me that are broken. I continue with the tools my counselor gave me, because I refuse to let PTSD take control. It’s MY brain I control it. I’m late on this week’s #TriggerTuesday because I had to figure a way to word this to describe the situation more clearly than “what the fuck assholes?” I did not like my children seeing other veterans who seemingly gave up. That’s not how life should be. Never give up!

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