#PTSDDaddy Veterans Bringing Positive Change

I have quite a few veteran friends on Facebook and twitter. Many are accomplishing some fantastic and amazing things despite challenges they face. As vets when you go to war you leave part of you on the battlefield. The thing they do not tell you is everywhere we go we leave a part of ourselves. This cannot be helped when we do things we go “all in” or not at all. Any high school coach will tell you, if you come off the field with anything left, you didn’t play hard enough.
It’s my honor and my pleasure to bring attention to Ms. Karolyn Smith. Disabled Veteran, American Hero, and Author. Perhaps just as important a savior to many little pets that need her specifically one little one who found more than just a typical pet owner when she found Karolyn. Karolyn tells us more in her book,” Sophia the bionic Cat”, which can now be found on Amazon, Barnes and Nobel online, and in Barnes and Nobel Stores. A “must buy” for all!

In her own words…

#PTSDDaddy Veterans Bringing Positive Change

Karolyn Smith Book Signing

“My name is Karolyn Smith and I am the 2014 Veteran of the Year for the 71st district of California and a Public Speaker and now children’s book author! My amputee kitten, Sophia, who is the Official Ambassador to the San Diego Humane Society is now the first ever recipient of a 3D printed Prototype prosthetic (were working on the 4th version now…who knew making something never been made would be so challenging, fun and…well, pawsome! )
From all of this, I created a children’s book about my story. My children’s book, “Sophia the bionic Cat” is the True story of an amputee kitten and a veteran who, through technology and love, we overcame. My book is written in the new “open dyslexic” font and can be found on Amazon, Barnes and Nobel as well as Barnes and Nobel stores and also on our landing page www.3pawsup.com

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