PTSDDaddy WEAR Interview with Hannah Mackenzie

PTSDDaddy WEAR Interview with Hannah Mackenzie

Channel 3 WEAR interview with Hannah Mackenzie.

WOW! So the interview with Hannah Mackenzie went off as planned at 8 AM this morning. I am completely flabbergasted! What an honor and a privilege to get to stand in front of a camera and talk about the importance of PTSD Awareness and 22 Vets a day commit suicide. I find myself now worried that I chose the right words. Did I do justice for those of you out there reading this blog and keeping up with myself and my cause? I certainly hope I did right by all of you. Thank you to all who follow along. Thank you to all who have or know someone with PTSD and refuse to quit. PTSD is a constant battle, but still it can be fought.

Mrs. Mackenzie, although much shorter than anticipated, was a very sweet woman with some fantastic questions. I did not expect much of an interview and it went on for nearly half an hour. I want to throw a big THANK YOU to Mrs. Mackenzie for doing this! I feel it’s a great service to our veterans and she truly meant it from the heart.

Tomorrow is PTSD Awareness Day!

PTSDDaddy WEAR Interview with Hannah Mackenzie

WEAR interview with Hannah Mackenzie

The segment with my interview is scheduled to be on tomorrows morning and evening show. As soon as I have a link I can post for those of you who are not in the area. I feel the necessity to provide it to all so you can see for yourselves. PTSD is antisocial, it’s difficult to be social but I do. Difficult and impossible are two different things. PTSD is paranoia, it’s easy to be paranoid and distrust everyone who is not in your trust circle. My daddy always told me the easy road is not always the right choice. Of course when I came home from the recruiter with orders to go Special Forces he looked over it and said “boy, don’t you EVER take the easy road?” I replied, no… I don’t know how.

And NO, I am not smacking my head, I had an itch! just FYI.


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