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Day 1 P hotos

So I kinda did a lot of things at once. I’m using this post to break it down and explain a bit of what I have done and the why.

In the Beginning…

Let’s start off with the fact that I am a former Green Beret. I used to be in, what I consider, top shape but this has no longer been true. I was medically retired from the US Army for several things. Many I did not know about until the year I started medically boarding from the Army. These include everything from a bad spine missing padding and in constant pain, to cutting my fingers and not having full use of my trigger finger became an issue. Many other things which I do not bring up because I cannot recall everything wrong with me.

That wall…

I have hit a point in life where I focused on all the wrong and it was overwhelming. It beat me down and I “couldn’t” workout. My health has exponentially gone downhill with the lack of motivation and the dwindling self-worth that came from realizing my dream job was coming to an end. Yeah I had issues with some of the administrative things in the Army, but who doesn’t have those same issues everywhere they go? Being a Green Beret was everything to me and losing that was devastating. If you’re not one that my sound retarded. If you are one, you know what I am talking about.

First thing’s first…

With PTSD affecting my life the greatest, out of everything wrong with me, I took my focus to that. I’ll be honest I didn’t really hit the ground running until Prolonged Exposure Treatment, but that’s for another story. Lately, I had my annual checkup in the VA which is the turning point for me. My cholesterol is up, my weight is way up, and my give-a-damn is busted. In the past year to two years I have gained over 100 lbs and yes some of this is because of all the meds I am on. The other half to three quarters is I haven’t been doing my part.

Then I rediscovered… Derek Weida.

Derek is a no-nonsense / common sense man. The way he speaks makes sense to me and I have been watching a few of his videos. Derek is one of my heroes as well as a role model and a motivation. I decided a week ago to change what I am doing. The definition of crazy is “doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results.” Time to change what I’m doing in order to change the results.


I’m the worst person at change, I like to have the same dish at the same restaurant every time. (bugs the hell out of my wife) but it’s necessary to keep going forward and progressing in life. My doc has told me not to run with my back. I haven’t been running but, I’ll be honest, I am a guy who running is my motivation to do other things. Like situps/crunches, lift weights, go on walks. Then I remembered something. Something very powerful and just as awesome as watching Derek Weida’s victories over life situations.

My father’s second heart attack…https://youtu.be/Y7N_6JvktMo

My father had a minor heart attack which worried everyone but he was in and out of the hospital pretty quick. The problem is the doctors did not catch the fact that his cholesterol was genetically high. This is important because changing your diet does not affect the way your body handles things. Dad’s arteries clogged up quickly and within months he was back in the hospital for a major heart attack. Triple bi-pass, using a vein in his leg to repair his artery, having to open him up twice and a stout of pneumonia my dad was pretty bad off. He was told by the doctor that his life expectancy was 5 years and that he likely would never walk again without the use of the two canes he was sent home with.

My father, just as with death at his door with this second heart attack, said “fuck you”! He was determined to get back into decent shape and send the doctors their canes back. I never seen a man recover so quickly from something that knocked him down so bad. My father way outlived his 5 year estimate and sent the canes back within a month or two of getting home. (Personally the doctor is lucky my father did not come in to deliver them in person)

Feeling sorry for myself…

That’s what this came down to, self-pity. In my mind, I reasoned it that I was for the first time in my life trying to do the “right” thing and listen to the doctors. In reality it’s self-pity and taking the easy way out. I’m fat and out of shape because I’m on meds. I’m fat and out of shape because the doctor said not to run and I can’t afford a bicycle with the seat with back support. I’m fat and out of shape because I don’t have access to a gym. I’m fat and out of shape for every reason except for what’s really happening. Fact of the matter is I’m fat and out of shape because I am not taking care of myself, and I have been slowly giving up on life. I can’t have what I want so I’m throwing a “grown-up” fit.

Taking initiative…

A great idea hit me. Let’s sign up for a 5K with enough time to prepare. I’m not racing, I’m doing it for completion, for motivation, for actually putting my money where my mouth is. I talked a few co-workers into it as well and the day the planned workout started I saw this ad on Facebook. It was to be a sponsored athlete for 1st Phorm. I am the last one to be a sponsored athlete but I clicked anyways to see what they are all about. https://1stphormathletesearch.com/entry

1st Phorm…

Their video was GREAT! They aren’t like the other supplements companies out there. They sound way more concerned with their customers than anything else. I’m a huge proponent for companies who actually care for those who come spend money. It’s not just a monetary deal its good business and it’s the way things should be. I decided what the heck? I’m already doing this 5K I might as well sign up to try to compete to be a sponsor.
Then it happens they try to sell me with a package that all I pay is shipping. Yup here we go now we’re into the “what’s it gonna cost?” but I like to look further into companies I’m talking to or purchasing from, etc. I did some research and found they have a completion going for making a transformation. #transphormation https://mytransphormationstartstoday.com

I thought, “hey I’ll sign up for this too”, again they tried to sell me a package but here is where the company is DIFFERENT than the other’s I have looked at.

1st Phorm is not BeachBody…

The wife and I tried BeachBody awhile back. I liked it but it just seemed like I would lose focus on what I was doing by trying to sell shit. Now that I’m signing up for 1st Phorm I bet it’s the same where I cannot access much of the material unless I purchase it and have some of their product on monthly auto pay auto delivery auto make me broke. But they weren’t…

Although I did NOT purchase anything from this company I still had access to the contest rules, setting up my profile, uploading the “day 1” photographs, lists of different workouts with/without weights beginner to advanced, as well as nutrition charts and information to assist along the way. HOLY CRAP this is AWESOME!!! I haven’t spent a dime, yet I don’t feel its half-assed webpage with links everywhere. You know the site, the one where you can upload your day one picture if you click on the link to read about their new weight loss pill. Or you can share your story with people IF you subscribe to the “full access” website.
HOLY SHIT these people are actually out there wanting people to be better. ALL of the material is here, all of the tools you need are here! Color me seriously impressed! That’s not easy coming from me, not when it comes to the fitness arena.

Not easily impressed…

Look, I was a Green Beret, I KNOW physical fitness, I KNOW diet and nutrition, I KNOW how my body works, what works, what doesn’t work. I’m not easily impressed by the companies out there selling supplements. Most of the supplements out there are just to get you to spend way too much cash. Much like a placebo, people make big gains or lose lots of weight because they are taking a pill or shake or both and they focus more on workout and doing the RIGHT thing. Had they done the right thing with/without the supplements they would make the same progress.

No Purchase Necessary…

I am so impressed with this company and what they have going right now that I tell you what, I will be trying some of their supplements (after proper research of course). They are GIVING so much away on their website with workouts and information that yeah they definitely earned my curiosity and business. They got one shot though, soon as I decide on what supplement and why, I will post more and get you my impression of the product. But wow yeah, I’m already determined to change my world. I’m already signed up for a 5K, becoming the next sponsored athlete or winner of biggest positive physical change why not be on a list to try that. Looking into the company I am definitely impressed and happy I found them. I haven’t even tried anything yet.

The Why…

Here is why…

•I have lots of why’s so I’m going to do this as a list.

•Because I am fat and “literally” tired of it

•Because my wife and kids deserve better

•Because I am not happy with myself and where I am at

•Because I want to show everyone that the only limit is the one we place on ourselves

•Because I want everyone to see me at this, the most embarrassing part of my life and show them that despite that they can do it themselves.

•Because if I don’t nobody else can do it for me

•Because there is nobody to blame but me

•Because I’ve seen my dad and several brother-in-arms have much worse issues and fight it. I have no right to sit on my ass it’s time to fight it.

•Because life is what you make of it and I’m going to make it GREAT

•Because I want to help and fix and save everyone and everything but I cannot without helping fix/save myself first!





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