PTSDDaddy Words from My Wife

So what does it meat to support someone with PTSD. It means this. Put your big girl undies on and understand that you are going to be yelled at, hollered at, ridiculed, put down. Understand that you are going to have sleepless nights trying to get over the things that your partner has said to you. Understand that he is going to be angrier than happier most of the time. Understand that he is going to be depressed more times than not. Understand that he is battling a war inside of him that you will never understand. But here is where what I have learned makes sense. Supporting a partner with PTSD with you have to fight for him. You have to fight for the person you know he is. When he doesn’t want to get up, you make him. When he doesn’t want to try, you push him, when he wants to quit yet another hairbrained idea of his, you tell him he has to see it through. when he yells at you, you send him to bed, let him sleep for a bit and start over. You tell him when he is being an ass, you make him go to couseling and get medicated. If he refuses you go seek advice from a professional as to what to do. You don’t give up on him. You don’t walk away because he is being and ass, you don’t walk away because you can’t handle it. you pull up your britches, roll up your sleeves and get ready to get dirty. there are going to be days that life will suck, and you have kids looking at you for answers. And you have to give them. you can’t pretend nothing is wrong. Let them know daddy is being an ass so mommy sent him to bed for a while. But you don’t give up.

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