I wanted to give an update to my workouts. First, I would like to introduce everyone in a more personal way to my new friend Heavy Armed Veteran. This dude uses working out as a therapy for his PTSD. More information on him can be found in the “PTSDDaddy Friends” section as well as he’s got some pretty cool workout apparel for sale on his site.

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The point of posts like this on my fitness endeavor is to point out the importance of having a method to deal with the madness. I have chosen workouts myself as a type of self-therapy throughout my PTSD journey. It has been working well as I have an outlet for everything that annoys me at the same time, it’s beneficial to me and my health. In other words… It’s a healthy outlet.  With that said I will be scheduling regular posts on my fitness journey as I learn more and improve more.  Feel free to offer advice or just let me know if some o my experience is helpful for you as well. My future fitness therapy posts will include the supplements I use and why I use them and if I like them or not, but more than that it will contain what kind of workout I do and why I do that. Everyone is different, in PTSD, in life, and in fitness. By no means am I saying “only do what I do” because that’s ridiculous, I do what I enjoy because it works for ME. But I am going to share the stories with you hoping that you will find what is fun and works for YOU.

This picture here, I have had mixed reviews. I have heard everything from “great job!” to “I’m going to burn out my eyeballs”.

Here’s my two cents on it. I’m not posting these pictures for anyone to feel the need to burn out their eyeballs. If you don’t like it, block the post on Facebook, or hey… keep scrolling. I remember when I grew up a man without a shirt was pretty much an everyday occurrence. Especially in Summertime. I now I’m not Arnold Schwarzenegger but I never claimed to be. I am PTSDDaddy! Like me or leave me either way I’m good with it.

Ok back to my point. There are many people out there who need to be working out to be in better health. As a nation we are all too fat anyways. When I get the “I have to burn my eyeballs out” reaction from people I can’t help but laugh because those folks who are in the gym who need it the most get worse reactions from people. Do you think that helps them continue to better themselves or makes them quit and continue the unhealthy path they have been travelling? Yes it hurts them. Hell I don’t give a shit one way or another, I put my headset on and I hit my demons hard with heavy weights and loud music. I’m not there for you, I’m not doing this for anyone other than to beat the shit out of my demons. It gives me a chance to work through that shit and come out the other side a champion. I do find it disturbing though that there are people out there who hear worse than that, and are affected by these words. If I ever find myself in the same room as you while you are making fun of a fat person working out at a gym or walking down the street, You best shut up and move to the other side because I will be making certain  you feel shame for that. Shame on  you. What is wrong with people? Seriously I never thought that much about it until I get some of these comments.

I have nothing to prove to anyone. I am proud of the work I have done over the years, and I have made it to badass status several times. Name calling does not affect me, but on that same note I have never made fun of a fat person working to better themselves. For those reasons I will proudly post my picture of my fatness and my betterness as I get there slowly but surely. Those who want to burn  out their eyeballs will either do so or learn to block me and my posts. It’s not ending people this is the beginning.

Fitness goal for the year… “do a bodybuilding competition” I won’t win. that’s cool, but I want to get to the point I feel I can get on stage before the end of the year. I’m putting this on a post in writing for the world to see because the world loves to hold us accountable. I’m not afraid, I will get to this goal or I will injure myself trying.

On a separate note I am also getting a few questions on what I am doing. Standby for future posts as I will explain my methods to workout and better diet in depth, yet one post at a time. I’m not one to spam you with constant workout photos but lets be honest, there will be some as I explain. Bare with me as I travel this road.

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