First of all…

I apologize for my absence. I fell off there for a bit I do not have a good explanation other then I would sit, look at the screen, and I could not write. I wanted to but it was not happening. I hope you like this new one. I am thinking this will be the intro to the book… short, sweet, to the point. I am not writing a biography so there is no reason for the Intro to include everything of my past until today.  Why do I use PTSDDaddy?

#PTSDDaddy, Why do I use PTSDDaddy? I’ll tell you why…

 Why do I use PTSDDaddy

I am back!

I am a father two and a husband of one very understanding wife. I am a medically retired Special Forces Soldier, with PTSD. My name is Dave, I also go by my last name, Brock, or some have called me “Techno Viking”. If you YouTube “Techno Viking”, you will soon see what happened. The name came to me by one of the Chris’ I had the pleasure of serving with in Special Forces. Shaving my head bald and growing a beard, and “Techno Viking” was similar hair style.

I chose the name PTSDDaddy to highlight that although individuals have PTSD, that is not the complete definition of who they are. I wanted to say look, I am a dad and I have PTSD. Ther is no “either/or” option. This is very important fact to relate to people. I gave up the “whoa is me” option when I decided to have kids. I do not care what your political correctness may say. When you are a dad everything you do is for your children. They ARE your world. Yes, the PTSD takes control at times, but I fight it. I don’t win every battle but I fight every battle. Without my wife and kids I wouldn’t have the energy to continue to fight. I am a father, and I do have PTSD.

 Why do I use PTSDDaddy, Here’s my RESUME…

In 2003, I graduated with a Bachelors in Business Administration with a Major in Information Systems, from Pittsburg State University. After my 3rd deployment I earned a Masters of Arts in Strategic Security Studies from National Defense University. For a hobby I take classes now working on an Associates of Arts in Digital Photography from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online. Joining the Army late in life in June of 2006, straight for Special Forces in the “X-ray” slot. I went straight through the Q-Course, onto 3rd Special Forces Group (Airborne) stationed at Ft. Bragg, NC. On 23 November 2015 I officially medically retired. Since then I work as a contractor. I do odds and ends on the side to keep my mind occupied. Perhaps I do too much on the side.

 Why do I use PTSDDaddy, Back when I was your age…


 Why do I use PTSDDaddy

My World!

The point of writing about myself here is so others will better understand my background. I am part of an awesome family, both growing up and now with a family of my own. The bad things you hear about now-a-days did not exist. In school when there was a bully it was not the kind of bullying it is today. These bullies I could easily ignore and the issues resolve quickly. I guess kids today have a rough time now. I would say I learned many coping skills throughout my life. The most of all here is I have nothing to complain about in my childhood growing up. Nothing, with the exception of beef and cabbage. I hate that shit! Talk about traumatic. Seriously though I am not from a broken home or a broken childhood. Military service runs in my blood going back generations.
First of all, I was born and raised in Kansas. Next after college at age 25 I joined the Army and left for Georgia. I spent a few months in the peach state, and then left for Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Consequently I spent pretty much the rest of my career in the Army there or deployed. After retirement I moved me and my family down to Florida. I never though a Kansas boy like me would love it so much in Florida. It really is a beautiful place, I cannot believe that every day I wake up and live where most others dream of visiting.

 Why do I use PTSDDaddy? It’s simple really.

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